Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Flight of the Sparrow [3 Thory 4261]

There are various signs by which one might realize that one is under sorcerous assault. One most offen realizes it when one's magic resistance is struck by some terrible spell, or when one's clothing sprouts a nest of nettles, or when one's head becomes an elegant carved ivory soup tureen, or one's city is devoured in flames, or some such inconvenience.

But there are other clues.

For example, one might be in one's kitchen of an evening, having prepared a chalice of tisane of slaenflowers and spiked it with a bit of brandy as a nightcap -- a kitchen devoid of all roommates in an apartment devoid of roommates, one might add -- and fly off for a bit of personal whatnottage, and return, take a sip, and discover that the tisane has also somehow been spiked with offirrah. Even if one is ordinarily fond of offirrah, one might perhaps consider this a more serious sorcerous attack than any of the ones mentioned in the previous paragraph.

After such an experience, I did what any reasonable victim of sorcerous assault does. I proclaimed, "Curse that Dubaille! He has used my spoon for offirrah and not washed it!"

Esory appeared, sitting on the table. "You blame the wrong Rassimel! Also, you left something in Darraden's!"

Me:"Oh, dearie." I had forgotten about Esory.

Esory:"Something of great power and great value!"

Me:"Fortunately, it seems, something of great power and great value -- and great mercy! -- which can take care of itself."


Me:"What happened?"

Esory:[glowering]"You might better ask, what will happen?"

Me:"What will happen ...?"

Esory:"To you! And soon!"

Me:"To me, and soon?"



Esory:"Unless you somehow prevent me."

Me:"And how might I do that, I wonder?"

Esory:"Thanks, and apologies."

Me:"Oh! Slootly! You certainly deserve that!"

So I spent the next two-thirds of an hour thanking and apologizing to Esory. Since she had spent the greater part of the time stealing bits from the legeriators' and courtiers' desserts, my contrition was somewhat limited, but no less fulsome for all of that. When she wanted to leave, by reason of being nearly too full to fly I gather, she waited for seven minutes until a judge and her husband and mari wanted to leave, and scooted out the door ahead of them.

Finally I offered to take her out to dinner myself the next day -- I'm pretty sure she was hinting at it -- and she was greatly mollified.

Then I didmanage to start to go to bed. And took another slurp of that accursed poisoned offirrahhed tea. Ow.

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