Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Paint [3 Thory 4261]

Naturally Dustweed was in the tub when I got home, so I had to go elsewhere. This left me vulnerable ... unnervingly vulnerable. Ghirbis, Anoof, and Agrimony discovered me as I was washing up in the public fountain, under the Orren face. Not my favorite bathing, especially with future roommates marauding around.

Ghirbis:"Ahoy there, O Sythyry, thou sleek and full-bodied freighter upon the winds of life! Toss down thine teak and mahogany anchors; bind thy stout hemp cables to a nearby arken tree; prepare thyself for being boarded, and for piratical conversation!"

I crouched and lifted my tail. "Well, if I must, I must."

Anoof:"Let's save the actual boarding for a more private room, shall we?"

Me:"A more private room on the farthest twigs of Yistreai!"

I had forgotten something crucial in my repartee. Ghirbis, somehow, had not forgotten it. She sang, "Ah, my piratical triumph is now complete! My quarry, the sky barque Sythyrion Splydnant, has agreed to return to my distant and presumably nefarious home and there subsist on a diet of sausages and figs in my deepest and most private harem!"

Well, eventually Anoof and Agrimony persuaded Ghirbis to stop singing snatches of seven operas blended together with a Zi Ri on top. The actual reason that they had come to talk to me -- and Dustweed -- was that they were considering getting the main rooms in Quelldrie Housepainted, and wanted to know (1) if I would pay a share of it, or, better, (2) if my ~mother~ could be induced to pay the whole of it.

I checked with the Bank of Teleporting Hexagons, and, indeed, my ~mother~ will pay for painting a room in a rented house.

Anoof:"Excellent. Narngi has a cousin rather removed who is a painter by profession; she will take care of everything else."

Me:"I hope that is not everything!" This perplexed them. After considerable indirect taunting, and one fire breath between Agrimony's antennae, I explained to them that, as the one who was paying for the paint and the painter, I should be the one to choose the color. Or at least, be told what the color was to be, before the paintage.

This provoked a remarkable amount of discussion and disagreement. After all, most of them -- four of the six people who were to live there -- had already agreed that the parlor would be painted a hideous depressing shade of half-decayed orange, and that the room with three fireplaces be a shade of crimson so bright that it burns out the eyes of all who dare venture within. And, even by shares of the rent, that is three-fifths of the dwellers (Anoof and Narngi are co-habiting in a single room).

The argument that I was paying and so should be allowed to detoxify the colors was not readily accepted.

The argument that Dustweed had not even been told that zir home-to-be was to be painted was not readily accepted either. "I don't see why we have to ask Dustweed", said Agrimony.

The argument that I was slootly not going to pay for any colors that would inflict spiritual or aesthetic damage upon me was not readily accepted either. Even after I explained "slootly".

However, the argument consisting of casting Cloak of Another God and turning into a Sleeth and glowering at them was readily accepted. "If zie's going to waste cley on this matter, zie probably cares a lot, so I think we can compromise," said Anoof.

The parlor will be a very pale peach orange. The fireplace room will be a pleasing brick red, with blue highlights.

And it's much, much easier to get around as a Sleeth than it is as an Orren. Sleeth have the right number of legs.

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