Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Defender [3 Thory 4261]

Esory:"You're looking awfully distressed, Sythyry. Still sad about your Orren who doesn't know what's good for her?"

Me:"Do I look that bad?"

Esory:"Well, you're floating under the table, upside-down, and you keep breathing fire at your wings. If you were a pet fish I'd expect to need a replacement any week."

Me:"Well, that's yesterday's distress. And the day after tomorrow's."

Esory:"It's good that you have these things so well scheduled, Sythyry! What was on your calendar for today and tomorrow, to supplant even romantic dismay?"

So I told her about the Countess.

Esory:"Well, that's certainly ominous."

Me:"Your reassurances reassure me to the core!"

Esory:"You should come with allies."

Me:"How, allies?"

Esory:"Allies, to come to your rescue in the event of disaster! Or unsweetened bean paste!"

Me:"Darraden's is, I think, utterly incapable of making a culinary error."

Esory:"Which makes rescue in the event of disaster all the more crucial?"

Me:"I am not sure that the Countess' invitation extends to seconds. In fact, I'd rather not get an invitation from the countess that required seconds. I'm not at all a good dueller."

Esory:"More of a lover than a fighter?"

Me:"I'm a bit of a novice there too..."

Esory:"Distinctly a pity! Well, I'm sure I can help."

I spun to right-side up and stared at her. She laughed merrily. "My family keeps various supplies for emergencies. I shall accompany you to Darraden's!"

Me:"Oh, that help... um ... I ... Darraden's is expensive, yes, but you shouldn't have to dip into your family's reserve treasury for it!"

Esory:"I have no intention to pay!"

Me:"Cheating Darraden's is a noble endeavour to be sure! But, um, how will this help me?"

Esory grinned a very dangerous Rassimel grin. "You'll see. Or, more accurately, you won't."

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