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Since Sythyry *is* a RPG character...

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Date Created:2002-05-16
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A little blue-feathered hermaphrodite dragonlet, from World Tree RPG. Zie is a starting student at Vheshrame Academy, studying various topics suitable for nobility.
Strengths: Considered to be a noble almost everywhere; fireproof; winged; has important relatives. (Strength -3, Stamina 0, Dexterity -1, Agility +2, Perception 0, Faith +1, Memory +2, Wits +2, Will 0, Charisma +2).
Weaknesses: Very small (like all Zi Ri); prejudiced against non-nobility; misses key social clues; rather naive; eats too many chub-beetles and other takeout food.
Special Skills: Good at Creoc, Sustenoc, Pyrador, Tempador, and Illusidor. Nothing exceptional.
Weapons: Fire breath (but a Zi Ri in a battle fury is about the equal of a moderately peeved child of most other species). Spells -- but, as for most World Tree mages, zie has few combat spells. Zie's not an adventurer.
Favorites: Incense: cissowary; Hangout Spot: Cafe du Fronde; Season: Hot Surprise; Seat in Class: Rafters, above professor's head.

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