Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Rassimel Collection [2 Thory 4261]

When one has been disappointed and cast off by an Orren, it seems only natural to seek solace among Rassimel. Rassimel, for the monsters in the audience, are the opposite of Orren. They are inclined to be careful, well-focussed, wise, and sensible.

Of course, the Rassimel I picked were Yarwain, Thery and Esory. Iska attached herself to our table instantly, of course. She is nearly living with Thery and Yarwain these days. If I didn't know better, I'd think she was engaged to at least one of them. Actually, she's had two pregnant older sisters -- Rassimel of course -- and Thery is simply glad to have a friend around who understands pregnancy things.

Politeness -- which, in this case (and many others) is a social implement intended to render one's victims complaisant or at least complacent by means of making them think you care about them when in fact you are hoping to get something out of them -- recommended that I inquire into the state of TheryandYarwainandsomeoneelseasyetunborn, vis-a-vis the Countess Gloun. (In retrospect, I think that the Orrenianity spell, while it has faded from my body long since, still modifies my mind. At least, I'm still utterly drunken on the digressions.)

Thery:"Perplexing, I'm afraid, Sythyry."

Me:"How, perplexing?"

Yarwain:"I think that Gloun has taken her revenge, or given Thery quite a nice engagement present, but I'm not entirely sure about which."

Thery:"She's going to sponsor me for the next four years at the Academy. Influence and money both."

Me:"That sounds more like a present than revenge, somehow."

Yarwain:"Well, it's a bit of a humiliation for me. Pointing out that my family doesn't have the money or influence to take care of her."

Me:"They don't?" I had obviously forgotten politeness.

Yarwain:"Well, not influence, not this far from home. Enough to get me here, but if Gloun wants Thery out of the academy and I want her in, well, a countess outranks a baron..."

Iska:"... a great baron!"

Yarwain:"... and a native outranks a foreigner. I'm sure we could manage the money, but it would surely be somewhat of a challenge."

Me:"How much is tuition, after all? My ~mother~ takes care of that for me."

Iska:"Twenty-four thousand lozens a year."

[Which is about a quarter of a million dollars for nine months, in terrestrial terms. --bb]

Esory:"Or other things. My family pays in magic items. Protectives for the casting rooms, devices to make lecture halls bigger, and Insidiously Convenient Cupboards. Rather less than the full tuition"

Thery:"Not so much for me, as Gloun's protege, but as Yarwain's wife it would be nearly Iska's fee."

Me:"I wonder how much ~mother~ is paying?"

Thery:"Then there's the other half of the revenge. She's going to sponsor me for the next four years."

Me:"Which, together with last year and this year, is an entire turn of studies."

Thery:"Sythyry -- not four more years. The next four years."

I blinked blankly, and I probably blanked blinkly as well.

Thery:"I'm going to be a bit busy with otherwise for some of that time." She patted her belly, which looked entirely ordinary as far as I could tell.

Yarwain:"So we have a bit of a quandary ... how much shall Thery study, and how much shall she get to know our child. And, of course, how much the child shall be raised here, and how much in the Ulstramme getting to know the people and the land, and getting to be known by them."

Me:"A wicked choice!"

Yarwain:"Yes. She took very much and very bitter pleasure in pointing it out to Thery, when Thery started thanking her."

Me:"I should have been there, to intimidate her with eternity."

Thery:"She had someone scry our apartment to make sure you were not."

Esory:"I shall be sure to mention that you know the gossip, the next time I see her."

Me:"Do you see her often, socially?"

Esory:"Perhaps every second or third month."

Me:"I had no idea!"

Esory simply grinned at me.

And I tried to change the topic to complaining about Strenata, which of course did not work.

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