Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Mope of Another God [1 Thory 4261]

Dustweed:"Sythyry? Is that you?"

Me:"No, it's some other blue feathered Zi Ri, intruding to steal my ... Sythyry's ... most personal secrets and terribly private eventualities."

Tethezai:"Well, a blue, spiky, tendrillous, featherless Zi Ri, which is why there might be some concern. Also you are so morose that ."

I peered at my wings, which had gone featherless. "Yrratple! Cloak of Another God is not good for enpluumiation!" Then a horrid thought manifested upon me, rather like an icicle of frozen sardine-and-peach gravy inserted into my erstwhile female member. "Featherless? Are my head-feathers gone, too?"

They were not, at least, though they were rather lopsidely thumped. And my spikes and tendrils were back. "Oh, my spare poptaloop-cooking Ruloc god, it washed the tincture off, and I've been all indecent and unstylish on the streets."

Dustweed:"Dangerous spell, that. Did you manage to get indecent in the way you were hoping?"

So I told them the story of winding up all-but-naked, tail up, on the floor. They laughed.

Tethezai:"With that kind of introduction, the morning ought to have gone well!"

"It didn't, though." I explained the woeful situation.

Tethezai:"Well, that's absolutely ridiculous of her." She started on a fierce polemic, asserting in incontrovertable tones and Sustenoc-reinforced with that:

  1. Everyone is innately transaffectionate in some degree.
  2. Everyone ought to explore and express their transaffectionate side.
  3. There is nothing in the slightest bit shameful about transaffection, despite all social conventions and oppobriums.
  4. Strenata has no business hiding behind some "lower-class virtue" since:
    1. Strenata isn't really lower-class exactly;
    2. There is no such thing as "lower-class virtue";
    3. Strenata has been leading me on for months now.
    4. She (Tethezai) would not tolerate such behavior from anyone she were involved with, even when the involvement were a mere social dating sort of thing;
    5. Rudeness is not a lower-class virtue.
    6. Rudeness is not a virtue at all.
  5. When she (Tethezai) was dating Breshka -- a Cani woman -- and Breshka started getting fussy about transaffection matters, She (Tethezai) put an end to it quickly. She explained her methods at considerable length. I might have been able to outline them, with points and subpoints and subsubpoints, but I got lost almost immediately. More specifically, I got annoyed almost immediately.

At which point, Dustweed sent Tethezai off to do her homework, and scooped me up, and sat me on the stove, and poured me a bit of brandy, and let me whinge at zir for a good two-thirds of an hour. Zie didn't even wince when I brushed against zir personal difficulties and sorrows.

I daresay I chose well to let zir be my roommate next month. Zie can comfort me through my next eighty-four unsuccessful attempts to find love, affection, and/or lust in Vheshrame.

And it's still not the least bit fair that the unattractive, genitally-malformed, birth-defected Dustweed has more sex than zie knows what to do with, and a reasonably elegant and entirely proper Zi Ri is still a virgin. Next party I might take the prostitute and her employers up on their hideous offer. Or maybe that's the brandy talking.

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