Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Cook of Another God [1 Thory 4261]

We finished swimming, and splooshed out on the bank of the public pond, and I did horrible things to the seams of the borrowed green tube dress because I was confused about the difference between front and back. (Hint for those who are Orren for the first time: the tailhole goes in back. Not in front.) Rhedwy had wandered off somewhere, as befits a bored Sleeth. Seeks-? Strenata muttered purple curliqueued imprecations and deprecations and comprecations and disprecations or something about her.

So I took her out for a midmorning snack of raw fish.

It is remarkable how unremarkable it is to be in Orren shape and ordering lightly pickled herrings and lightly unpickled scallops. One simply walks up to the little booth by the pond and says, "I'd like an eighth of a pound of herring and two scallops."

Seeks-?:"Aren't you hungry? We were swimming for an hour and a third!"

Me:"That's a good meal!"

Seeks-?:"If you're a tiny little cave lizard it's a good meal!"

So I had a full pound of herring and eight scallops. And I'm a charger if I didn't finish the whole thing, which would ordinarily be a day's food for me and then some.

(Required Orrensome Aside: If one were so spell-rich and skillful as to have Cloak of Another God, and so poor as to have only minimal money for food, one could save greatly on one's food bills by switching to Zi Ri shape. Of course, if one were so spell-rich and skillful, one could probably figure out something magical to trade for a great deal of food. Professional sorcerers rarely go hungry.

Strenata was peering hungrily at the blackscale eel, and glancing at her purse, so I bought it for her, tactfully and tactically.

And persuaded her to walk to my apartment, holding hands...

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