Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Neck of Another God [1 Thory 4261]

Seeks-? Strenata:"You're in a new body, but all you're doing with it is sitting on a couch wearing a bathrobe."

In fact this was part of my plan... I had certainly hoped, when I came there, to be lying on the couch in no great length of time, legs spread. Rhedwy was doing nothing to encourage that hope, though. For that matter, neither was Strenata.

Me:"Well, I hadn't realized how strange walking is ... it seems so natural when you do it."

Strenata:"Doesn't the spell make simple things feel natural?"

It does, of course. I spent half a page describing how that works in my examination paper. Of course, I was describing the magic side of it. Experiencing it is another matter. I suppose one might well write a whole thesis about drunkenness, say, or orgasm, or love, and not be prepared for the reality.

Me:"I suppose I could try to stand up..." It was simpler than it looks from the outside, at least when one has the benefit of [a paragraph of magic theory omitted because I couldn't make any sense of it -- bb]

This brings me to the most disturbing single thing about being in an Orren body. I am used to having my head six feet off the ground. Losing track of my wings is distressing, but not really that bad -- they're generally folded in any case, unless I'm actually flying and sometimes even then. Being huge is to be expected.

No, the most disturbing single thing is losing most of my neck. If I, as an Orren, start out facing North, I cannot turn my head to much further than East or West. If I want to see South, I must turn my whole body at least East or West. Very awkward. And, as a very small and aerial person, I am used to looking around the room fairly frequently: I might use my wings a third of an hour in a day, or two or three thirds, but I use my neck every few minutes. Very perplexing to not have most of it anymore.

In any case, standing up on two legs is not nearly as challenging as it looks.

Except, of course, whenever I think about what I am doing, I am tempted to coil my tail around some support or other for balance.

Which is an excellent choice for a slender coily prehensile Zi Ri tail, designed by the god for just that purpose. It is a less excellent choice for a triangular heavy-furred muscular Orren tail, designed by the other god for mighty swimming.

Though I daresay that mischevious, obnoxious Pararenenzu hardly minds lending me an Orren body, so that I might knock over Seeks-?'s decorative turquoya-wood end table with it.

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