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OOC: World Tree mini-review!

Look here on March 24.

If you're looking after March 24, it looks like this:

March 24, 2004: Spotlight On World Tree

W23 Spotlight is a feature designed to increase customer awareness of interesting but older or undermarketed products.

World Tree isn't your ordinary fantasy RPG. It's not your ordinary furries game, either. After all, in most fantasy games you're not living in the branches of a tree thousands of miles high with branches that hold entire cities . . .

With eight sentient species - each with their own perspectives on life, the universe, and how things ought to be - and a setting just bizarre enough to keep you blinking, just familiar enough to give you a place to start, World Tree has enough detail to keep anyone happy. Its magic system is complex enough to allow for several variations practiced by different magic-users throughout the setting, but flexible enough to allow players to change it into what they wanted. The gods are defined by their primal nouns and verbs, a static number that forms the foundation of everything that exists. Every aspect of the setting is different from what you've seen repeated a hundred times in other games, but not so strange that you can't pick it up quickly.

Try something different. Try living on the World Tree.

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