Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Grafting Cloak of Another God [27 Hispis 4261]

Of course, before I can cast Cloak of Another God, I have to graft the cursed thing.

For those of you who use other forms of magic: a pattern spell comes in a box. It is a mass of sparks. For a complexity-20 spell, such as Cloak, it's quite a great number of sparks indeed. It cannot be cast in this form. To be used, it must first be grafted; that is, filled in with magic, and attached to someone's magerium as a secondary limb. This takes a long time -- Cloak will take me about two quite full days of work. It is not interesting work. It is boring work. This is why I have nothing interesting to say about it.

Except of course that I have done most of those two full days of work. Now, I know full well if I were to work another hour and finish grafting Cloak, I could hardly wait 'til tomorrow to cast it. Also I know fuller well that I want to start in an Orren shape. And I know fullest well that it is not so smart to have your first bipedal stroll on the boardwalk be after dark on a day when you are thoroughly muzzy from ten hours of grafting a spell as well as four hours of courses. So I left one hour's work to do.

If I wake up in the middle of the night and go to graft the last bit of the spell, I have instructed Dustweed and Tethezai to dump a bucket of water on me. They have taken it upon themselves to ensure that the frogs for Havune's stew tomorrow are now living in that bucket, and that there is a plate covering it, for we have lost the lid to the bucket and we do not wish to lose the frogs.

Having said that, I am going to go forth and see how much of a chaliceful of narcotic tea I can stand to drink. I imagine that this will lead me more effectively to sleep than fussing about whether I can get up and graft the cursed thing without risking a shower of frogs.

Why is it that this part of becoming a Terrible Necromancer of Legendary Evil is never mentioned in any historical romances?

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