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Cloak of Another God [24 Hispis 4261]

The great power is within my grasp!

I shall be the greatest of mages when I have acquired it!

Except for other people who can cast it, or equivalent spells, or more cogent ones, of course.

But -- there are fewer such people than there were for my best spell hithertofore!

Indeed, perhaps not all fourth-term magic students will surpass me anymore! Many will simply equal me!

I am, thus, slightly ahead of the average magic student!

Massive branch-shaking greatness is thus within my bite!

Which is to say: I have a boxed copy of Cloak of Another God, and, by all measures, the skill to cast it once I have grafted it.

For those of you who are monsters, or who are not familiar with sophisticated magic, Cloak of Another God is a rather amazing spell: it allows a prime to take the shape of any of the other prime species. The transformation includes all physical aspects of the new shape -- those in Cani form get very keen noses (but, unfortunately, do not truly understand the details of what they are smelling); those in Orren shape transform to small otters in water; those in Zi Ri form can fly with wings. It does not include magical aspects of the new shape -- those in Zi Ri form cannot levitate or breathe fire or resist fire, for three things. This is an amazing spell in two ways: (1) it is five or ten complexity lower than a spell to transform one to a nonprime species; (2) it allows seven choices of new shape (not counting one's own shape), rather than only one. It relies very heavily on the special status of primes.

Now, it has some limitations as well. The new shape is supposed to be somewhat comfortable, but not natural. A Rassimel who has the good taste to switch to Orren shouldn't have much trouble walking, but won't have an Orren's typical skill at swimming. Except if the Rassy were a great swimmist in Rassimel shape. People wearing Cani shape say that the extra-good sense of smell confuses them...

And this makes me nervous. I won't say that I always walk on four legs ... sometimes I levitate, and I won't lose that ... but when I walk on two legs in my true shape I look rather ridiculous and unstable and flap my wings a lot for balance.

And in any other shape I won't have wings to flap.

Now, those of you who are wags and splongards will say, The answer is simple, O Sythyry! Assume Khtsoyis form, or Sleeth. And those of you who are sensible, but have not been paying much attention, will say, The answer is simple, O Sythyry! Assume Herethroy form, and walk on four legs!

But of course I'm going to try an Orren shape first.

Any connection between this and the fact that Strenata is pretty much cisaffectionate is purely ...

Never mind that.

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