Pegana 1

Demi leapt lightly onto the end of the picnic table away from the salads and flatware.  She drummed her fingers on her plastic plate, for a bit of mock thunder.  "Welcome to the first Pegana Picnic of the summmer!  I hope you're hungry — there's  ever so much food.  I especially hope you've got a vast chasm in your belly that craves zucchini.  We're kind of overflowing with zukes."

"In case anyone doesn't know me by sight, I go by 'Demi'.  Demigirl, demigod, demisexual, demimondaine, demitasse-sized,and obviously too afraid of commitment by half.    Except that I am completely committed to making Pegana happen," said Demi.

"I'm a bit confused," Eirlys  admitted.  "Didn't Pegana *already happen?"

"Pegana is a few different things, some of which have happened, or started to — including yours, Eirlys," said Demi.  "The big thing we made happen already was getting the town to change its offensive antebellum name to 'Pegana'.

"How'd you pick that name, asked Reneigh, tossing her mane.  "I'm down with all the pegging we can arrange, but is that *all* the town's about?

"Pegana is the name of a myth cycle that a fantasy author made up.  There aren't any real gods of Pegana, and no demigods.  Not yet anyhow.  So it's a way to say 'demigods live and frolic here' but not commit to say Olympians or whatever."

"Are we committing to frolicking?" asked Reneigh.  "I personally will make  such a commitment ton frolic harder than a human can frolic.  But i happen to know that some of you are monogamous newlyweds, and I have my doubts that our demi-fearless demisexual demoiselle is going to frolic with hurricane force.

"I'm not going to pole dance with you!" said Demi.  "But we *are commmitting to frolicking.  Pegana's appeal as a tourist destination is the frolicking, in the presence of queers, demigods, outdoor recreations, and that kind of thing.  Pegana will be Provincetown, Georgia, or that's the plan.  "

"When?  P-Town wasn't built in a day," asked the girl in the Grand Satan Band t-shirt.

"Pegana won't be either.  But my whisperers suggest that we'll be
getting that development grant we applied for last year.  By this time next year we should have ten storefronts ready to move into — including Eirlys's perfumerie, ARTA.  I don't have ten *shops* yet but we're talking to a lot of  people.  It'll go slowly for a while, then we'll reach critical mass and suddenly be full.  Or, y'know, not."

Reneigh asked, "How about the night side?"

"Everything there takes a long time to get going, mostly because of
paperwork.  The ex-church is ready to sell but we need to do building
inspections.  The club needs eighty-teen licenses, liquor and nudity.  It will all happen.  Perhaps before I chew my fingernails down to the skin," said Demi."  "That is sure to take some careful campaign contributions, too."

"Bribes, " said Kaiju.

"Legal ones, though," said Demi.

"Tell me who's holding us up.  I'll get them in bed, take a bit of very spicy footage, pfft!  no more problem."

"Just in case you're not joking — hard to tell with unicorns — that would seriously mess us up, no matter how much fun and justice it would be," said Demi.

"Awww, you're no fun anymore," said Reneigh.

"If you want horse-sized fun, help yourself to the zucchini overload!" said Demi.

"Hold that thought for when I'm running low on stage entertainment ideas."


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