8/19 -- Vignette à là Bàstette

"Kai!" said Kaiju's mother.  "It worries me so much, what you are doing with your life and your soul.  This Hair-Louse girl, who isn't a real girl ... I think she is a demon.  I think she wants to eat your soul."

"Her name is Eirlys.  She's transgender, like me.  She is a demigod,
not a demon.  Her mother is the Angel of Cats.  Right here."  Kaiju
had prepared for this visit home, bringing a copy of Johns's Angels,
with a bookmark in the chapter of animals' angels.  Kaiju didn't think
much of monotheistic angelology, but she knew her parents.

"Kai, this is what you say.  But why would an angel's child be transgender?"

Kaiju frowned,  "I can't explain why *anyone* is transgender — I can't explain why *I* am."

"It is a punishment on me for the sins," said Kai's mother.

"It is no such thing," said Kaiju.  "And if you're going to keep on with that line, I am going back to my apartment for the evening.  My gender is *my* gender, and not about you at all."

"You sound upset.  Bad time with your parents again?" Eirlys wrote.

"My big-eared friend, how can even *you* tell how I sound, when I'm typing to you in a messenger window," said Kaiju.

"You're typing fast and not capitalizing words," said Eirlys.

"Bite me.  I didn't ask for a technique critique," Kaiju snapped.

"That's just how I can tell,  You type differently when you're upset," Eirlys answered.

"Oh.... that does make sense.  Yeah.  Mom called you a demon, and all that kind of thing," Kaiju answered.  She commiserated for a while.  "Ugh.  I ought to call mine, too," said Eirlys.  I haven't quite told her about you yet."

Bastet didn't generally use a cell phone.  Eirlys  unwrapped a cheap resin-plastic statuette of a black cat with a gold necklace, and booped it on the nose.  "Hi, Mom."

"Eirlys!" said the statuette.   "Good to hear from you!"

" Good to hear you too — and thanks for using the right name."

"I'm getting used to it.  Exactly why my black-furred kitten wants to be called as a white winter flower ["Eirlys" means "snowdrop"] is beyond me, but if I were picking a fight that wouldn't be my top choice."

"What would be?" asked Eirlys, unwisely.

"How bad an idea it is to fall in love with a human," said Bastet.

"Have you been spying on me again?"

"With every cat in the world eager to gossip about you, I can't really help it.  Especially if you're standing on a balcony kissing your new human boy."

"Actually, a girl.  Kaiju's her name."

"My spy needs to get her nose in order.  Said she smelled male."

"Your spy's nose is fine.  Kaiju smells like me, and for exactly the
same reason."

"My spy definitely said 'human-smelling', and that is very not you,"
said the goddess.

"Kaiju is transgender — that's part of how we met," said Eirlys.

"I suppose it's good to have some hobbies in common, especially if you're dating outside your species," said Bastet.

"I'm close enough to human for this," said Eirlys.

"Really?  How do you feel when a female cat in heat crosses upwind of you?"

"Lesbian.   I feel lesbian," said Eirlys.  "Like usual."

"Except you're not responding to your girl's pheromones, you're responding to some other animal's."

"Kaiju *has* figured out that I go like a cat, lots of the time.   Not exactly sure what was her clue, but these humans are clever," said Eirlys.  "Did I tell you I'm starting up a perfume boutique?

"You did," said Bastet.

"So I gave Kai a bottle of 'special' perfume, pheromone charged, for
when she wants to catch my interest in that particular way," said

"Huh, that's clever.  I never thought of that," said Bastet.  "That could have saved a dozen of my moreawkward love affairs with humans, over the centuries.  Not that I could get pheromones commercially in the Old Kingdom days when I was dating the most seriously. "

"Gotta think like a human more, Mom.  They're clever with tools and technologies.   Did you know they can put delicious meat pastes in metal cans?

"My spies *did* mention that to me.  Every day or so."


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