Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Take a few minutes to help my son with a research project!

My son is doing a very interesting thing!
If you're between 13 and 19, please help him!
If you know some 13-19 year olds, please ask them to help!
Here it is ——————
Hello! If you are between the ages of 13 and 19, and are willing to complete an experiment, I would like to ask for your help in completing my summer Science Research project. All that is necessary to complete it is 5-10 minutes and a computer with connection to the internet and the ability to use Flash. You will need to sign a simple consent form. (If you are under 18, a parent will also need to sign). The task consists of playing a short game that I hope you will find fun!
To complete, please go to Download and sign the forms, then complete the experiment. At the end of the experiment, input the code that the game gives to you and upload your completed forms through the link.
I need at least 50 people to do this in order to get the data I need for a strong analysis.
If you give me your email, you’ll also be entered in a lottery for a $50 Amazon card.
Thank you in advance!
Rhys Bloom

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