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Romance among Drakes

Romance among Drakes

Mirinxan found Vaareng alone on a hilltop, eating a large breath-broiled beast.

“Vaareng!” he called, circling above him. “I have for you a question!”

Vaareng looked up. “Perhaps I will have an answer for it, and perhaps not.”

“You will, for the question is this — will you marry me?” demanded Mirinxan. Such is romance among drakes.(º)

(º) Most of my readers and informants demanded that I take that sentence out, or modify it considerably. Instead I provide this footnote, stating that, in fact, romance among drakes is a highly variable topic.

“What? Why?” burbled Vaareng, failing to find a good answer.

“Because you are the most handsome and horny of the three dragons I am stranded here with, and the other two have pretty much decided to get married to each other. Plus you and I have some history working out romantic issues already.”

Vaareng thought a moment. “I was under the impression you didn’t like me very much.”

Mirinxan shrugged. “I didn’t. You are vain and stupid. You are also pretty, teachable, and — this is exceedingly important — available. For my part I am pretty, able to teach, and available, and more or less your only choice unless you want to twine with eleg. And, as they have exclusive pair-bonds, you would have to marry one.”

“I suppose that’s true. I imagine I could get used to you as a wi…a husband. I like you better than Meliavras, the dragoness I was expecting to win in my mating flight. And we have some practice in tolerating each other. Just don’t try to win any more sapphires off of me! They’ll be coming out of your own hoard too.”

Mirinxan laughed, more intently than the shared joke called for. “And you are not wholly vain or wholly stupid, especially compared to the eleg.”

“Oh, Driaith used the same methods on me that we are using on the eleg,” said Vaareng.

”… But we are instituting a selective breeding program on the eleg,” said Mirinxan.

“Exactly!” cried Vaareng. “Now come here this instant and selectively breed with me!”

“Oh!” said Mirinxan, and complied.


As of now (about six standard years later), they’re still a mated couple, and treating each other rather like a normal husband and wife of six years. Normal draconic ones, of course. They are learning to enjoy each others’ non-copulatory company in small doses, and they have been practicing fighting side by side in much detail. Not that there’s much for dragons to fight on Eleer.

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