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The Obvious Arrangement

The Obvious Arrangement

Itharieth and Psajathrion were flying wings-and-wings over the Khamrou mountains on Trest.

And Itharieth said, “I have a request to make of you, Psajathrion, and I hope you will not take it amiss. For it is a request with some difficulties and complexities attached to it. Not just attached to its granting, by the Lermon’s sermons! To the asking as well!”

“Well, if it is the sort of request which induces the scale-boil, I know how to prepare an ointment quite effective against it. And if it is the sort of request which scores the tongue of the requester, I have excellent healing-spells as well. And if it is the sort of request which summons a flying turnip-demon from the Realm of Excessive Dread, why, then, you shall attack it from the right, and I from the left, and we will fight it off as best we may, or die together trying.” The last few clauses as much as say that Psajathrion knew what Itharieth was going to ask, and would assent to it.

“Well, ahem, yes,” said Itharieth, presumably much heartened. “You and I have made somewhat a passtime or recreation of tending, informally, to the lives of the small people in this or that world. I wonder if you would be at all interested in a more formal arrangement by which we would assume responsibility, in the eyes of dragons at least, for some moderate region of Hove. They have a number of fascinating endemic biomedical concerns, you know — of which those mind-controlling parasitic worms must be reckoned first.”

“The prospect holds a considerable scientific and medical interest to me, I will say! But how would we get such a territory?” asked Psajathrion, just as if he had no clue about the answer.

“Well, there is only one reasonable way, by Jyothky’s riothkee!” (I don’t have one.) “And that is if we should marry ourselves to one another,” said Itharieth.

“H’m. Did you say ‘marry’, Ithareith? You are aware, I trust, that we are both drakes, and in any event we have not been on a mating flight together?” said Psajathrion.

“What? No, no — by which of course I mean yes — that is — Hoven customs — and the exploring company!” blithered Itharieth.

“Yes, precisely. How could I forget such things? Yes, I shall marry you, Itharieth,” said Psajathrion.

And the ceremony was performed about two months later. I gave them as territory a large slice of Damma, complete with eleven quite diverse ecologies and any number of unpleasant indigenous diseases. That should keep them happy for a few gross-years.

Everyone has asked me if Itharieth and Psajathrion are lovers.

So I asked them, “Are you lovers?”

“We have nothing exceptional to report in that regard,” said Psajathrion.

“By the Skyandrope’s plyanthrope, the situation is arranged quite as we wish it!” exclaimed Itharieth.

“But everyone is asking me what the details of that arrangement are,” I said.

“I imagine you explain to them that you do not know,” said Itharieth.

“I do! And they uniformly demand that I put to you the question,” I said.

“And of course the Queen of the Dragons of Hove holds her office largely to satisfy the prurient — or imprurient, as the case may be — interests of her subjects,” said Itharieth.

“Well, I admit that I am curious as well.”

Psajathrion ⅓-spread his wings. “Excellent.”

“Excellent?” I asked.

“Curiousity indicates a continued vitality of the higher and more abstract regions of the psyche,” said Psajathrion.

“And it would be a poor act of medicine if your curiosity were extinguished, by the Glycolisist’s psychologist! Fortunately Psajathrion is an excellent physician, and, for such professional reasons, will do nothing of the sort!” added his husband.

So I don’t know if their marriage involves any sort of copulation or body-play, or not. But they certainly cooperate quite well, and love each other quite well too.

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