Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

(Answers to some of the questions here)

haikujaguar -- Why don't you ask Dustweed to move in with you?

The naive and foolish answer is that my other future roommates have not yet agreed to zir. The actual answer is that they are waiting for me to decide ... and ... Friendship? Or reputation? I have not yet decided.

aprivatefox -- Are you truly ignorant of the impact your trafficking with libertines will have on your reputation, or are you cunningly pursuing an agenda as yet unrevealed to us?

I conceal nothing from you, save by mistake or confusion! And, well, anyone who knows that I am a person of some rank in Choinxiea in the latter part of the 4200's will surely know that I have trafficked with libertines, or lived a very secluded life indeed.

xyzzysqrl -- Why do you go to such lengths, at times, to avoid saying the thoughts on your mind when and where they will do the most good?
  • Perplexity -- I am not entirely sure what you are talking about.
  • Tradition. My species has an ancient tradition of being cryptic and inscrutible.
  • Shyness. I am, I think, a bit more forward in the written word than I am in person. It might have something to do with being much smaller and more fragile than anyone else.
  • Uncertainty. When I write in this journal, I often know what has happened and what would have been best. At the time, I rarely do.

At least, that's why I think I do. Any more ideas?

terrycloth -- Did you actually *enjoy* the party at all? Did Strenata?

It certainly wasn't worth the time we spent on it! And the ending was dreadful.

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