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God Stalk

God Stalk

A writer trained in physical magicology, or at least theology, would probably make much of the ensuing research. The scholars built a small construct, a hhejởikoƶŧa if you must know its name, and instantly discovered that the source of the curse was beneath their feet.

“I do not entirely enjoy digging,” said Psajathrion.

“Let’s look some more, by the Scrumpet’s trumpets! I have a suspicion that it might be on the other side of this round world. Flying around would be easier than digging through!”

The dragons flew two hundred miles off and applied the hhejởikoƶŧa again, acquiring another vector. “Well, that’s odd,” said Borybran. “The two vectors don’t come anywhere close to intersecting. Some experimental error would not be a surprise, but this is miserable! Does the author of the curse have some twirling obfusticatory shield?”

“Twirling, I suspect, would be enough, by the Girling’s furling! Wait three hours and try again. From here, will do well enough!” said Itharieth. The other dragons made him explain, but, since he was right, we will let him have his little surprise.

Three hours later, the scholars applied the hhejởikoƶŧa again. “Now, another vector, nowhere close to intersecting the other two!” cried Borybran.

“It zooms off into the sky!” cried Itharieth triumphantly. “It points directly at Wotom, the smallest and closest of the moons of Girgar, which was around on the other side of the world some hours ago, but has risen! Triangulation is sure to fail, for Wotom is swift and motionful!”

“Clever drake!” said Psajathrion, and thumped the biologist with his tail. “Now, is the moon inside the atmosphere enough to fly there, or must we make other arrangements?”

It proved to be a mere eighteen miles up, and mounted on an circular track in an ordinary epicyclical way. Air pressure on Girgar is approximately constant — as on Hove, but not on Mhel.

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