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Spells; Debts


«…And Psajathrion said goodbye again,» I concluded.

«Did he give any particular details?»

«Not this time. If he had a crush on you, this is probably the last squirt of it,» I wrote, and yes, that means exactly what you think it does.

«I don’t think he did. He was friendly enough, but never like that. If any drake were ever not interested in sex, it would be Psajathrion. Any other messages?» asked Roroku.

«That’s all,» I wrote. «From party members and family members. Your father wrote me to say that he is lodging an official protest, but he didn’t explain what he was protesting or what he expected me to do about it. I think we’re going to get a stupid three-cornered spat between Mhel and Hove and Chiriact.»

«I’m very sorry. No. I’m measuredly sorry,» said Roroku. «Send him my love, again, and I’ll be glad to write to him directly if that helps anything.»

«It might. Oh! Do you need any spells, there on Kyspert?»

«By which do you mean, do I need any advanced travel magic spells that let me get back to the dragon-worlds? I am doing quite well so far, Jyothky, and I wouldn’t be casting those spells even if I could.»

«I was thinking of simpler stuff. Small-person healing spells, maybe, or some basic finding-spells. I could see both of those being useful in your new career.»

«Oh! There are a few things I wished I had. My healing is sufficient, and my information magic is plentiful» (I had forgotten — I evidently still think of Roroku as “childhood rival” rather than “analysis mage”.) «Some cosmetic illusion spells though! The perpetual kind. I would like to, say, mark some kysp or some place as one I have personally blessed. Which could be done by illuminating it with a soft green light, or having an illusory sparkling butterfly circle it forever, or some such grace note.»

«Boy-magic! The Adorn the Dancing Drake, perhaps; that’s what Nrararn often uses. Not a spell that a proper girl should know. Which, I suppose, puts it in the purview of the whore-queen of Hove. So I will study it with a tutor in the ordinary way and then try to tell you how it works through the venstroma. Or maybe I’ll give Nrararn the venstroma and have him do the work.»

«I can’t pay you for it,» noted Roroku. «You can get whatever you can get out of Gyovanth’s hoard, but I don’t expect that will be much now, or worth the effort.»

«Of course not,» I said.

«…I’m happy to be more in your debt, Jyothky, but this is a debt that cannot be paid off and will not be paid off.»

«Well, except that I’d mostly have to learn the spells myself, and I have been telling myself for duodecades that I should learn more magic, and I haven’t had the time or the excuse,» I admitted. «If you’d just tell me that you needed something interesting

«Oh! That I can do. I’d have all sorts of uses for one of the spells that makes illusions of fabulous beasts and creatures, which do what I will. I don’t need to cover that many senses, even: sight and scent and sound are plenty.»

«The Fabulous Fantasm, then? I could use that myself! Put a fabulous fantasm of myself on a platform for one of these ceremonies that I have to attend but don’t actually have to do anything at. Then sneak off in mouse-shape and, I don’t know. Twine with Nrararn.» (This because any proper married dragoness needs to say that she constantly desirous. Maybe if I say it enough it will become true.) «Or eat cheese or read a book.»

«Now you’re picking up my bad habit of running away! Don’t do that, Jyothky!»

Oh, good. I think we’re friends again, or as much as we ever were, anyhow.

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