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Continuing answering questions -- and further questions may be asked here.

tuftears -- How do Zi Ri parents deal with the 'terrible twos' when the two means two centuries? ('gryn)

They are grateful that it is only two centuries! I think that my half-sibling Hezimikkinen is still having it. Zie's on much better terms with our grandparents than either of zir parents.

Still, by the age of two centuries, one should have learned how to live tolerably well on one's own. We do not experience years any less acutely than other people. We do not mature more slowly -- indeed, rather the contrary; for us puberty comes at the age of twelve [9 Earth years -bb], which is sooner than for anyone else.

Many people think that we are patient by nature. This is simply not true: some of us are patient, some are not, as it is with other species. I suppose that older Zi Ri will have learned some patience -- as will older Rassimel, and even whatever Orren have managed to scrape together the concentration and skill and joy-of-life to make themselves immortality devices. If you want patience, go find a Sleeth, and never mind that they live the shortest of any prime species. They are patient because they are made to be hunters.

The most terrible two-century-old Zi Ri I can think of is Irzarjinen, my uncle and the child of Glikkonen and ... um ... someone third-generation, who, as I understand the story, spent most of zir 19th and 20th decades constructing a palace for Glikkonen in hopes that Glikkonen would, in repayment, destroy Auton Mene. When Glikkonen refused -- rather sensibly in my opinion -- Irzarjinen spent another six years updating the decor in the palace so that every room was an elaborate insult to Glikkonen. Glikkonen killed Irzarjinen twice, and afterwards insisted that zie raze the palace and stop asking for heinous favors. Irzarjinen did, of course, wind up vexing the aristocracy of Auton Mene terribly, but by that time the ones who were actually responsible for offending zir were mostly dead.

It does not pay to be too patient. This is why I wish to couple with someone this decade, before everyone I know is otherwise committed or something and I have have to make new single friends.

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