Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Economics of Roroku 3 (111/170)

Roroku and Vaareng

Roroku clattered her claws shyly on a hangar wall. “Vaareng? Are you within?”

A massive orange and black head with scowly barbels and a spiky ridge extended from the door. “Yes, I am, Roroku. What do you want?”

“Are you still interested in actual females?” she asked.

“I prefer them! Drakes take too many lovers, and they sometimes insist that one assume a female body for them!” said Vaareng. He smelled rather embarrassed.

“Well, I am leaving Gyovanth as soon as the matter can be arranged, and I would like to get a head-start on the proper enjoyment of drakes,” said Roroku. “Would you care to assist me in this investigation?”

“Why, of course I would!”

“There are certain prerequisites. First of all, I need to tell Gyovanth, who is only marginally aware of the matter and does not yet appreciate its gravity,” said Roroku.

“An awkward conversation. I hope it goes quickly and effectively! Gyovanth seems to hate and despise you, so I expect he will be glad to be rid of you.” Vaareng noted the twitching of Roroku’s tailtip, and added, “I myself have admired your delectable scent and conformation — from afar — and heard all manner of good things about your magical and intellectual skill, and I know Gyovanth to be an idiot as well as a lout!”

“It will not go quickly or effectively. Gyovanth hates and despises me, but I am the only sign of his ability in the mating flight, as well as his primary sexual outlet. I am a dragoness, not a mighty drake! I cannot face an enraged Gyovanth alone!” exclaimed Roroku.

Vaareng got the hint. “Well then! Confront the loutish sub-duke in my presence! We shall fight him side by side, as consorts are wont to do!”

“Oh, Vaareng!” cried Roroku, and embraced him, and, if I understand the hints properly, they enjoyed the smallest and fastest form of copulation at that point. “But you have that mighty defensive artifact — the Mintwall Shield? Might I borrow that for the occasion?”

“Of course, dear Roroku!” exclaimed Vaareng, who was rather dazzled and drunken with this sudden heterosexual turn of events, and gave it over.

“Be at the hhejŝṧhyant at the fifth hour this afternoon!” cried Roroku, and patted Vaareng intimately with her tailtip, and leapt into the air.

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