Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Wicked Plots of Mayor (97/170)

Roroku was not truly amnesiac, and, indeed, had not forgotten a bit of the information magic she had studied. Scrying on the doctor was a simple enough matter. And this is what she saw and heard.

“Mayor Nao-Vim-We, highest-caste kysp of Bher, I have examined the newcomer,” said the doctor. “May I report?”

“By all means it is fitting and proper that you report! I have been waiting for nothing else this past hour!” The mayor, by tradition, ought to have been a corpulent old kysp heavy with graft and wickedness. In fact he was a slender and quite nervous young [I roll a die here and get 25 -- Jʸ] man. I don’t know about the graft and wickedness.

“You may have my report. You must wait for answers,” said the doctor, and told what she had learned.

“That’s not helpful,” said the mayor.

“I was under the misimpression you wished for truth rather than helpfulness,” said the doctor.

“Dr. Naw-Fan, please, I do wish for truth. I intend no displeasure for your part in this. Instead I express consternation.”

“Consternation with whose part in it?”

“I don’t know! Let us enumerate the possibilities,” said the mayor. “First, of course, is that this Ro-Ro-Ku is a kysp who lost her hold on some scoral above us, and fell to Bher. The experience was so traumatic and unpleasant that she has somehow lost all memory. Nonetheless it was not so physically bad as to injure her in the slightest.”

“I suppose that this could be the case,” said the doctor. “It would be unusual, from a medical clawhold.”

“Second, I suppose, is that she took some strange new drug that destroys the memory. I am not sure how she got to Bher in this case,” said the mayor.

Dze-Ts-Kwy arched up to speak. “One story could be that some wicked pharmacist is experimenting with new drugs. She gave Ro-Ro-Ku a dose, and found it destroyed her mind. He disposed of her on another scoral, not wishing to have her found, and not wishing to entirely kill her.”

“I suppose that could have occurred,” said the mayor. “An implausible story, to be sure, but the situation is entirely implausible. A more plausible story, which has the advantage of being physically possible and not require some mysterious new drug, is that Ro-Ro-Ku is a criminal or fugitive herself. She has some reason to flee whatever scoral she came from, and make a new life for herself in a place where she has no past.”

The doctor expressed polite disagreement, by means of a gesture of curled tentatails. “If this is the plot, it is very clumsily done. Coming to a new scoral naked and peniless, feigning amnesia and attracting all manner of curiosity, seems like a very bad way to manage it. She would have been better off with clothes and money, hiring herself as a servant or laborer or whatever. For that matter, why Nwa-Bher? Why not a much larger city, where there are so many kysps that a new one more or less is not notable?”

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