Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Roroku on Kyspert 2 (93/170)

«It said, and I quote, ‘Clumsy sky-eels! Are fermented dwa-nel bugs making it drunk?’»

«Kysp isn’t that sophisticated so far, is it?»

«I had best go chat with this fur-pin and learn all about their crude romantic poetry and wooden scissors,» Roroku wrote.

So she fluttered around behind some bushes that grew out of the side of the scoral, and turned into a kysp herself. «This is a bit awkward. I don’t have levity organs any more. I have to hold on to things. Or cast a spell, I guess.»

«Nine legs and two tentatails ought to be enough to be enough to hold on with!» I scribbled, without the least bit of sympathy.

«No magic just now,» said Roroku. «And shapeshifting doesn’t count. This is a bit awkward, climbing from talonhold to talonhold on bushes on the side of a seriously overgrown giant floating sky-coral. Oh! There’s our florist, just reaching a tentatail around the bush!»

“Sorry, I didn’t see you there, I thought I was all alone!” said the kysp to Roroku. “Actually, are you all right?”

“Why shouldn’t I be all right?” asked Roroku.

“Well, you’re quite utterly naked, and clinging to that ywa-gu bush with six or seven claws as if you’re dizzy or drunk,” said the kysp.

“What should I be wearing?” asked Roroku.

“What any decent, I mean, well, normal, person would wear. A bandarella around your privates at least, and belt and saddlebags. Are you sure you’re all right?” The kysp darted its tentatail back. “Oh, no, is your spouse here, or coming to meet you? I’m so sorry to interrupt!”

“Nothing like that. Just me,” said Roroku.

“Right. Well, I’m here cutting flowers.” The kysp turned the eyes on her tentatails away from her. “For my fiancée. Who does not want me staring at naked people in the side-bushes.” She waited and said in a pleading, embarrassed voice, “Won’t you please put your clothes on?”

“I don’t have any clothes,” said Roroku.

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