Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Scorns of Scorjerak (85/170)

On the second day of exploring Scorjerak, the scholars scurried or straggled forth to the cyclone. Roroku did neither; she slunk forth, almost sneaking. She should have snuck better, for Gyovanth’s teeth closed on her tail.

“Ouch!” mumbled Roroku, because she is aware of pain.

“Whəre əre yəu gəing?” mumbled Gyovanth around a mouthful of tail.

“Scorjerak, to study the potencies that killed all things there.”

Gyovanth twisted her tail cruelly, and released it so he could be cruel with words instead. “Have you forgotten that you are a dragoness?”

”… no …” mumbled Roroku. I hereby give witness that she had not forgotten. When Hyxy left, she complained for eleven-twelfths of an hour about being the only dragoness among a snoyn-pack of drakes. (Hyxy had little good to say about Roroku, but I suppose that whatever drakes bothered lusting after unavailable dragonesses, lusted after Hyxy rather than Roroku.)

“Have you forgotten that your gonads are full of ⅔-fertilized eggs? And that in suitable time I shall complete their fertilization, and they shall be my children?”

”… right … ?” mumbled Roroku. A more aggressive dragon — viz. anyone — might have said “And what of that?” instead of simply ”?”.

“And yet you are on your way to soak them in a cauldron of vile radiations and caustic resonances? I understand full well why you are heedless of your own unimpressive life. But at least be responsible about my children!”

“I’ve got the Hoplonton on, from Driaith,” mumbled Roroku.

“And quite well the Hoplonton served Hyxy and Ngassith when they fought the Knights of Vorov! They came home full of holes and missing body parts! How do you know that this Scorjerak’s dangers are any less?”

“I’m going to go analyze them,” mumbled Roroku. “Then we’ll know.”

“You are going to go expose yourself to them! To let them incinerate your innards, blast your bowels, scorch your stomach, ‘luminate your liver, and, most importantly, utterly char your unborn children!”

“The scouts weren’t hurt,” mumbled Roroku.

“The scouts were male — were bachelors! They were stout and strong drakes! This information does not apply to you! You shall stay in Base Camp, you shall perform your wifely duties, and you shall analyze artifacts that are brought back Scorjerak, in more safety!”

“Yes, Gyovanth,” mumbled Roroku, and complied.

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