Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Hyxy Removed (82/170)

The cyclone was, however, reopened for a few minutes a week later, to send a minikin and a roasted princess back home with a very polite note. The Company did not wait for a response.

“Hyxy, you present me with a quandary most tangled and tanglesome,” said Osoth. “On one forepaw, you and Ngassith are potentially quite valuable members of this company, being quite excellent warriors and most devastatingly dangerous. On the other, you have proven to be quite uncontrollable: you rampage and you copulate when you feel like it, even when it is quite contrary to the needs of the company. And now, of course, you are crippled, and so the one forepaw is not going to be the case for some years.”

Hyxy shrugged her wingstubs.

“However, the Queen, in her subtlety, has chosen to exile you from Hove, so I can’t send you back myself. And you’re hardly in shape to stay here. you should be tended by an unhurried expert, not someone as much in demand as Psajathrion.”

“I’ve got a nyxylith. I’ll throw myself on Jyothky’s mercy,” said Hyxy, and did so straightaway, without waiting for Osoth to agree. «Jyothky! Can I get un-exiled? I kinda got my wings and tail chopped off and I need to come home and recuperate ‘til they grow back,» she wrote to me.

«Yes, but there’s one condition. You have to hint that the mutilation was part of the punishment,» I said, having been forewarned by Osoth and others. A devious dragon could phrase it in a way that didn’t veristink too much. Hyxy being rather more direct, I was basically commanding her to fart in her own face. But I needed it politically. The hovens of the Vlurting were still furious about her mass-murders.

For that matter, I’m none too happy about them myself. It’s quite possible to despise small people without going off and slaughtering them by the gross. One can simply avoid them and frighten them off, the way Arilash does.

So Hyxy and Ngassith returned home, and spent rather more than the market value of their ruby cupola on healers and on physical therapy. As of the time of writing, Hyxy has full mobility of her tail, but she cannot feel it. She has decided that this makes us half-sisters. I am not so sure. But I do not have so many friends that I can reject one, even one like Hyxy.

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