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Two or three hours in, Seeks-Hot-Water and I were chatting with a Herethroy woman named ... um ... I have lost her name in a small glass of brandy. She showed us the ritual for serving merethride: a rather foreign sort of way to drink intensely flavored alcohol. One pours a tot of strong brandy into a heavy ceramic mug, and ignites it. While it is burning, one pours honey over it. As the flames die down, one tosses a pinch of powdered chili into them, so that they sparkle (and burn most of the heat out of the chili). One then picks up a piece of ice in the special merethride tongs, and pours the actual merethride liqueur through the side with the funnel away from the ice, so that it pours over the ice and is severely cooled, and gathers in the funnel which is towards the ice on the other tong, and drips through it into the very hot honey, which, ideally, will partially dissolve and partially form little threads of candy. Then one sips it, very slowly.

One may, if one wishes, offer sips to an Orren or a Zi Ri. One should not be too distressed if they shudder a bit at the flavor, which reminds them of sal ammonia and bitter ginger in honey.

The Herethroy took a bit of an offense when I said I could not see how anyone would like it. "I can never understand anything about a Zi Ri at all!", She said, and she strode off in the height of her miffedness.

Me:"I'm not that perplexing."

Strenata:"You're not that straightforward, either."

And this brought me to a bit of a moping -- a faintly drunken moping at the time. Am I really that perplexing?

How perplexing am I -- and, as many of you are monsters or foreigners to Vheshrame, I will also ask a bit about your background. Foreigners and monsters might reasonably know less about my ordinary circumstances than locals.

Very perplexing (and I'm from Ketheria)
A bit perplexing (and I'm from Ketheria)
Entirely straightforward (and I'm from Ketheria)
Very perplexing (and I'm not from Ketheria, or I am a monster)
A bit perplexing (and I'm not from Ketheria, or I am a monster)
Entirely straightforward (and I'm not from Ketheria, or I am a monster)

Ask me about something that has perplexed you about me, or even that interests you about me. I will answer as best I can.

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