Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Roroku and Gyovanth (77/170)

Roroku and Gyovanth

“Roroku, you must have a thought for the dignity of your title! You may not be used to being a Duchess of Chiriact — you may never be used to being a Duchess of Chiriact at this rate! — but you must get used to acting like a Duchess of Chiriact!” Gyovanth punctuated his admonition with a bite to Roroku’s left hind-wing, which was conveniently available from their current coital arrangement.

(I presume he chose mid-copulation for her scolding-time to give his words a much-needed bit of sweetening. Or, perhaps, he was insufficiently diverted by her body, or reminded of the current problem by the scent of her. Or perhaps he never left off of that conversational topic, no matter what he and she were doing.)

“I am trying!” she whined.

“You are not doing any such thing!” he snapped. “You are flirting with Itharieth and Jaraswat and Vaareng!”

She was briefly distracted by an orgasm, though she didn’t tell me whose. “I am not!”

“What, you think I have no tongue? All of them stink of lust after a brief and private — oh, so private! — conversation with you!”

“They are drakes! This is common enough!” Roroku whined.

“Drakes and dragonesses mingle freely in many places. Do drakes in the courts of Chiriact crave every countess or empress who happens by? No, they do not! But here! Every drake craves Roroku! What is the difference? Could it be this? That you are behaving like a Hoven slut, not a Chiriactian noblewoman!”

(My own impression is that every dragon in the courts of Chiriact, or any other dragon-world, routinely wears illusion spells to hide scents that might embarrass or reveal a bit too much, to go with veriception blocks and the like. Gyovanth knows this, of course.) (Also, most of the dragons in the courts of Chiriact are married. Most of the dragons of the Hoven Royal Exploring Company are bachelors, and many (or most? or some?) would prefer a dragoness even if they are willing to accept a drake as better than nothing. (Which has nothing to do with the occasional twinkle of lust that one feels for an appealing dragon that one is not married to. Even I have that, especially when Csirnis is around. Not that I, or most reasonable people, ever act on it! (Arilash and her like being the exception to ‘most reasonable people’.)))

“That is them! I am doing nothing in this!”

“You are encouraging them!” Gyovanth ended his sentence by breaking one of Roroku’s smaller wingbones with a snap of his teeth, then healing it.

Roroky curled up somewhat, as much as she could with her large husband upon her, and tried to enjoy the copulation.

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