Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Loot! (72/170)

Evrath and Vaareng came back to Base Camp. Dragons clustered around them. “Behold, behold! We bear treasure worth bearing!” hooted Vaareng. He held forth the C♯ Spear, which was his by right of getting stabbed with it.

“Oh, that’s a wonderfully beautiful magic spear!” said all the dragons. “Except that it’s odd and blotchy of color.”

“Well, the cush can’t see color, so they didn’t paint it or anything,” said Evrath. “But it’s quite powerful. Don’t get stabbed by it!”

Xilobrax ¼-spread his ears. “A caution there. While the spear is indeed beautiful and brilliantly powerful, it is localistic magic. It will not work as well off of Cussa as it does on it. I suspect that you will get two stabs with it, perhaps three, and then it will be merely a normal spear with an odd blotchy color.”

“I won’t demonstrate it then!” cried Vaareng. “Still, is it not a most delightful item of loot? And would it not be worth admiration and comment were it to be mounted over a hearth in a parlor of a castle? A castle that I would be glad to share with an enspoused … dragon!” He stared intently at Driaith as he said that, but could not quite bring himself to say “drake”.

Driaith grinned. “I hereby praise the magnitude and might of Vaareng’s spear! It pierces, it penetrates, it works therein a greatness! I am enthralled! I grovel, I salivate, I worship Vaareng’s most puissant and potent spear!” Mirinxan swatted Driaith with his tail. Vaareng flattened his ears and kneaded the soil of Narethy with his claws, in mixed pride and embarrassment.

The Mintwall Shield had also gone to Vaareng. He showed it off to considerable admiration, for it was quite strong indeed. But he abruptly hid it when Mirinxan whispered, “He needs it! He will agree to become a dragoness, but then protect his claspers with this mighty artifact!”

The Minty Bow had gone to Evrath. It was duly admired, its powers considered, and the bas-relief image of darts and flashes on the front was discussed. “And yes, let us hang it in the parlor!” cried Charimaan. “Let all dragons know that my husband is a drake worthy of all draconic traditions, and not to be trifled with!”

Herowiz’s collection of artifacts and devices had gone to Evrath, since Vaareng had two of the great ones. None were particularly mighty, and I do not know what became of them, since nobody felt they were worth mentioning to me.

“And how did you find the natives?” asked Charimaan.

“Hostile, easily defeated but not so easily that it’s boring, and delicious roasted,” said Evrath. Husband and husband giggled, and entwined their tails and headed to their hanger.

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