Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Fellowship of the Note, concluded (71/170)

Herone, holding the C♯ Spear, stood in front of the opening when the monsters came. He sounded tiny against their huge bulks, but his voice was solid and steady. “Servants of the Quiet Lord, you cannot hope to prevail against a hero armed with the C♯ Spear!” </p>

The larger beast swatted at him with a massive forepaw, all aclatter with huge sharp claws. Herone dodged and stabbed, piercing the paw entirely through. The glissando-covered powers of the spear started wrecking flesh and bone. The beast roared and retreated, its tremendous mass and strength ripping the C♯ Spear out of Herone’s hands altogether.

The other beast, farther away, reared its head back and opened its mouth. A tremendous, all-blinding noise exploded forth, and waves of hot wind ravaged the fur and ears of the Fellowship. The echoes of the blast illuminated land-corals a mile away. And closer, they revealed a terrible scene. Herone as dead and destroyed, his body ruined with wounds with the ugly sonic echo-texture of soft flesh and still-pumping blood.

(Evrath killed Herone with a lightning breath in the usual way.)

The larger beast pulled the C♯ Spear out of its paw and worked some wicked magic.(¶) Its wound closed and was gone. Herone had died, the Spear lost — and all for nothing!

(¶) The Rose Rescaler. Not actually wicked.

Hertwo said in icy, determined tones, “The Minty Bow and the C♯ Spear have both failed. It is up to the Mintwall Shield to save us now.” She held that artifact up in two tentacles, and a great dome of pure-echo-smooth metal came into being around the remainder of the Fellowship. Not an instant too soon! The larger monster was charging at them!

It slammed its huge flank against the wall. The wall rang like a bell, its pure tone somehow smelling of mint, but it held.

“We are safe, for now. Herowiz, in your library of an ancient mind is there a banishing spell for such as these?” said Hertwo.

“There may be. I shall think on it.”

The monsters scratched on the wall, but again failed to penetrate it. The wall whined. The monsters roared.

(Outside, the two dragons scratched the sudden metal wall, and put their strength against it, to no avail. “We could probably melt it, but that would ruin everything inside,” complained Evrath. “Oh, nonsense,” said Vaareng with a smirk. “We don’t need to cover them with molten metal to kill them. We could just roast them inside that beautiful minty steel oven they have made for themselves.” )

Strange noises came from outside, as of the flames that rush forth when the door of an overfull furnace is opened. The wall became warm, then hot. The air within lost the morning’s chill, and then became stifling. The Fellowship’s fur crackled with the heat, and the eddies off the wall grew blinding. “Think fast, old man. We may not have much time,” said Herofour.

They didn’t.

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