Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Vaareng and Mirinxan 2 (68/170)

“I intend no humiliation, good Vaareng. At least, not concerning drakes who fornicate with other drakes. I have long since become innured to the concept, since that is, after all, our best choice. I simply wish to be entirely solid about the principles involved in our current transaction. And, after Driaith and you were intimate for the first time, all intimacies which I have procured from him are offenses against you and are worthy of tribute?”

“Precisely. You have stated the matter most clearly, Mirinxan. You have only to present me with suitable treasures and leave off from Driaith, and the issue will be fully resolved.”

“I should be glad to do so … but … a single problem remains, Vaareng.”

“What sort of a problem is this, Mirinxan? A problem of procrastination, perhaps?”

“A problem of calendary, Vaareng.”

“Calendary, Mirinxan?”

“Calendary, Vaareng. The art of arranging dates into sequences, such as weeks and months and years, such that one date unambiguously precedes another.”

“Ah! You are being a bit obscure, Mirinxan, and one might suspect you of temporizing or even evading. Are you saying that some the events I cite did not occur in the order I cited them?”

“Far from it, good Vaareng! You have been quite precise about both the events and the general principles, and I wholly agree with both! But …”

“But what, Mirinxan? This sequence of hesitations and evasions is becoming tiresome, and, when I am tired, I am liable to bite.”

“But the sequence of events you list does not include all relevant events, Vaareng. What if you discover that, rather than four tributable incidents, Driaith and I had engaged in five, or six?”

“Then you should pay tribute for five, or six, rather than four, Mirinxan. The fundamentals of arithmetic are emphatic on this point.”

“Arithmetic is mighty indeed, Vaareng. With arithmetic and calendary, we can be quite clear on precisely what is owed …”

“Yes, Mirinxan, we can.”

”… and to whom.”

“You owe me, Mirinxan. This is clear and straightforward.”

“But in fact calendary may provide a different viewpoint on the matter, good Vaareng. For Driaith and I became lovers some seven years ago, and, if I do not mistake certain conversations, are discussing marriage.”

”… oh …”

“So, by the principles you have so lucidly elucidated, he is mine, and you owe me tribute equal to one fine sapphire of Mhel for each of your trespasses upon me. You look distressed, Vaareng.”

“I am indeed distressed, Mirinxan.”

“Why are you distressed, Vaareng? Calendary and arithmetic provide clear facts, and your own miniature law code provides clear explanations of what to do. You shall give me six fine sapphires of Mhel, or the equivalent, and leave off Driaith, and all shall be well.”

”… Driaith omitted to mention certain crucial facts to me, Mirinxan.”

“This is not unusual for Driaith, good Vaareng. But calendary! And arithmetic! And principles!”

“I reject these principles, Mirinxan! Rather, Driaith, not I, is the perpetrator in this matter! He, not I, owes you sapphires!”

“But they are your principles, Vaareng, and quite clearly explained, too. You cannot honorably reject them.”

”… no …”

“Allow me to propose alternate principles, Vaareng, and see if you prefer them. Driaith is a very generous beast, and shares his body rather broadly. This is not my favorite one of his features, but it has proved difficult for me to rein in. Perhaps you will have better luck … in any case, in this principle, nothing is owed for Driaith’s activities. One cannot forever be chasing down and shaking down his lovers, after all. That would be a full-time job, and a job with an exceedingly shameful name after all.”

“I believe I approve of this principle, Mirinxan. I am less clear of what dragon’s behavior I approve of.”

“And, let us say, a single fine sapphire of Mhel should suffice for the private lesson, Vaareng.”

“I do not recall agreeing to these terms for lessons, Mirinxan. The rate seems exorbitantly high for tuition.”

“Ah! And, perhaps more importantly, for the privacy of the private lesson, good Vaareng.”

”… I see. Here is your sapphire, Mirinxan. Let us speak no more of this, not to each other, and very much certainly not to anyone else. And I suppose that Driaith will continue to admire both of us?”

“I suppose that Driaith will continue to behave as Driaith behaves, and neither of us have much say in the matter.”

“Good day, Mirinxan.”

“Good day, good Vaareng, and I thank you for a most educational beginning thereto.”

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