Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Party Beneath the Howling Heads #4

I was sitting on the arm of a rather ragged couch, chatting with an Orren whose name I didn't catch and, by the end of the evening, am happier to be without. Ambuscade was sitting on the other end of the couch, devouring meatballs. Rhedwy leapt over me and swatted him with her tail.

Rhedwy:"Ambuscade! Do you eat your cookie already?"

Ambuscade:"C'mon, Rhedwy. Do you really think I need wenezza?"

Rhedwy:"I cannot care about what you need or do not need for assistance! It is not my week this month for convenient lust. Nonetheless I refuse to wait until next week!"

Ambuscade:"So eat both our cookies -- maybe you can keep up with me then!"

Rhedwy:"This cannot be! If I am eating wenezza, also my playmate is eating wenezza. I refuse to be sparked-off alone!"

Ambuscade:"Sheesh. All right. But don't blame me if I wear you out and then have to go boink everyone else in the whole room afterwards!"

Rhedwy:"If you wear me out first, I do not afterwards care what you do, or whom you do!"

They prowled towards the special cookies together. Strenata just shrugged at me. "They've been lovers of convenience now and then for, oh, as long as I've been clearly aware of such things. I think Ambuscade has a particular enjoyment of Sleeth women. He has at least three. He was more or less kicked out of his marriage over it, even."

Me:"A Cani chose Sleeth women over his marriage?"

Strenata:"Sssht! Don't talk so loudly! But yes, he did."

Me:"You adventurers are very odd people."

Strenata:"That's what makes us adventurers, I should think."

Me:"I seem to have fallen among libertines."

Strenata:"You should be used to that from Tethezai!"

Me:"She's the only one of that degree that I know ... that I knew. Some of these people seem... "

Strenata:"Dedicated to their amusements? Rather as if they were Rassimel, though on the whole they are not?"

Me:"I might have chosen blunter words."

Strenata:"Well, these are friends of mine, or friends of friends. Some of them are adventurers; they might reasonably think that they will die sooner than you will, O ageless city-dweller. So they choose to indulge in a variety of experiences -- arguably indiscriminantly -- before they lose their opportunity."


Strenata:"No, not all adventurers are like that: I, for one, am not."

Me:"That's not what I meant!"

Strenata:"And I don't know the excuse of the other people. Perhaps simple enjoyment."

Me:"Not an indefensible philosophical position, I suppose."

Strenata:"True, true. Though I do not assert that all these people know precisely what 'philosophy' means."

I was not entirely sure that I was in the right party. In the spirit of investigation, I had another quarter-glass of brandy.

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