Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

More Useless Worlds (61/170)

More Useless Worlds

Moving twenty-seven dragons, sixty-three small people, a small horde of animated skeletons, and a large herd of food animals to Narethy was not a quick matter. Nor was erecting the Base Camp proper.

Narethy’s peculiar architecture made it hard to reuse any of the abandoned buildings. They didn’t fit dragons at all, and the tilted tips were altogether unliveable, which was no surprise. They did fit small people and the straight parts were usable, but hovens and chirs alike disliked sharing their rooms with twisted struts of titanium. It was often hard to walk from one side of the room to the other, so awkwardly was the titanium placed. And there was something distinctly unpleasant about the squirming shapes of the struts as contrasted to the entirely sensible squares of the rest of the architecture.

It was soon decided to leave the narets’ homes to the narets, and to bring through the cyclone a great number of sections of metal and plastic, following the plan for a housing-free world. These were screwed and clamped together under the expert and attentive eye of Mr. Norb, with tenasensitive inspection and holding-large-object-in-place assistance of a variety of drakes. In no time(⌘) a sufficient camp was ready, with twenty-three repurposed Trestean army portable small-aircraft hangers for the dragons, another three (medium size) for the living small people, three more (medium size) for the undead, and eight more (medium size) for livestock. Then another dozen or so for science and scholarship.

(⌘) No time being almost two months if one looks at the calendar, or almost six years if one counts the apparent woe of one’s friends as written over the venstromo.

The married couples, normal and urning, each shared a hanger. We weren’t at all sure what to do about Yarenton + Fraxtseng + Questhraum, who had some sort of happy but utterly unmarriageable triad, so we gave each one a hanger and assumed they would visit each others’ hangers at need.

I hear there was a fair bit of hanger-visiting going on in a certain fraction of the drake population. Probably among the small people population as well, but I only heard a little of that. Even among the undead: Gimuse Nuthu and Mr. Norb apparently saw a great deal of each other, and conducted a mutually-satisfactory erotic affair entirely by gazing longingly at each others’ untouchable bodies, or something. (I ought to be encouraging or encouraged, since I can’t feel my lovers any more than those two could feel each other, but somehow they managed to enjoy it.)

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