Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Party Beneath the Howling Heads #2

Khiriotos:"You surely are the Sythyry, the friend of the Rhedwy."

Me:"I am Sythyry. I doubt that I am the Sythyry, though I suspect I may be the only " [I got about two-thirds of the way through my full name before losing track of where I was in it.]

Khiriotos:"Oh, dearsome me. I cannot remember the such long name as that! But I say 'the Sythyry' and 'the Rhedwy' as Mrasteian says. Even in Vheshrame I do like to say it these ways. It reminds me of the home!"

Me:"I don't know that I've ever met anyone else from Mrasteia."

Khiriotos:"You have thereby missed the great and essential pleasure of life! Or at least the second-great and second-essential pleasure. I think there is the one bigger one."

Strenata:"By which I believe you mean, crushing your enemies and feeling their skulls crunch beneath your toes?"

Me:"I don't know that Herethroy really enjoy that one. Their toes are all chitin-covered -- can they even feel through them?"

Khiriotos:"I can feel the skulls crunching, to be sure! I feel like I have more often crunched nut husks crunching beneath my toes though. Or my back!"

Strenata:"Crunched nut husks sound like a rather unpleasant bed."

Khiriotos:"Not for someone with a suitably tough chitinous carapace!"

Me:"For that matter, I would happily curl up in a pile of crunched nut crunched husks crunched, if they were set ablaze."

Strenata:"Bah, I am outnumbered by the non-mammals in this conversation!" She tugged my tailtip.

Khiriotos:"Oh, now you must know fear, O the Dulcanny! Beware lest it be your own skull being crunched beneath someone's toes!"

Strenata:"Dulcanny? I haven't been Dulcanny since Nivvem!"

Me:"She changes her name now and then. Mostly now. Call her Seeks-Something if you want. It doesn't matter what -- if she likes it, she might pick it up."

Khiriotos:"The Rhedwy mentioned that. I never utterly understood it."

Strenata:"There's nothing to understand. I, like any reasonable Orren, change my name to fit my mood. It helps people understand me."

Me:"A sorely-needed assistance! I have been dating Seeks-Hot-Water for a while now, and only by means of her name can I tell the first thing about her!"

That earned me an Orrenly scowl.

Strenata:"I do wear my name in my hat, generally. Of course I forgot to put a hat on, in the scramble to get here."

Khiriotos:"Oh, this is not the most finicky party of starting time that ever was. People will be drifting in for hours yet. And drifting out ... or not." She glanced at Pleasant Blossom. "Some will be here for quite a while."

That earned Khiriotos an Orrenly scowl.

Strenata:"How did you meet Rhedwy?"

Khiriotos:"She's a friend of Darkstamen, from a few years ago. They met in a forest glade, under a very large mushroom."

That earned Rhedwy an Orrenly scowl -- an unfair one, as Rhedwy was across the room, chatting at Ambuscade. A pair of Cani knocked at the front door.

Khiriotos:"Pardon me for the minute!"

Me:"What did Rhedwy do to earn that glare, O most ferocious of Orren?"

Strenata:"Darkstamen is a bit of a rake. I do not entirely think he will be a good influence on Rhedwy."

Me:"There is a good deal of very cheap brandy, to be sure."

Strenata:"I warned Rhedwy not to live with him."

Me:"And you just found out about him?"

Strenata:"Rhedwy didn't mention the name of the gentleHerethroy she, um, met quite closely under that mushroom."

Me:"There are undertones going on here that I cannot hear."

Strenata:"The gentleHerethroy in question -- whom Rhedwy refers to as 'my bug-toy' -- is arguably a compatriot of Tethezai's, except that, where Tethezai is generally sober and generally skillful and generally responsible and generally capable of higher emotions and cognitions. The bug-toy is a libertine, but without notable virtues."

Me:"Rhedwy is as well."

Strenata:"She does take lovers rather often, though she does not keep them for long. Fortunately only one week a month or so, and that only when circumstances permit. And she brags about it."

Me:"She does enjoy shocking, well, me."

Strenata:"Anyone who can be shocked, Sythyry."

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