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Hiring Help [12 Hispis 4261]

Rhedwy:"Esory, you do not know the court nearly as well as you say yesterday you know the court!"

Esory:"Your accusation cuts me to the very spleen! How can it be?"

Rhedwy:"Sir Eddarna is not currently hireable as a prostitute. He is the undersecretary of the Exchequer. Also Lady Ousparine is not currently hireable as a prostitute. She is the chief architect building the new wing on the ducal palace."

Esory:"Ah. It appears that I, like Sythyry, am horribly misinformed about the hiring of lovers. Though by reason of lack of need or lack of interest, I cannot say."

Rhedwy:"I must now go to the Buttery, to tell stories of the foolish Enchantment students!"[She prowls off, tail twitching behind her -- and knocking Esory's notebook and inkwell off her table, almost as if by accident.]

Esory mopped at the puddle of ink with a rag that, in previous decades, had been the cover to the Enchantment lab's kiln. She looked quite pleased with herself.

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