Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Promised (13/170)

“I suppose that is the case,” said Charimaan. “A few unwanted duels might serve as well as a few unwanted cases at law. They will be faster, at any rate.”

We discussed various other points of the case for some while, and gossiped for a longer while. The plaintiffs left, taking their mask. Arilash and Ressal curled up together.

Osoth puffed flames at me. “Jyothky! I have attended your summons, I have prostrated myself before the least impressive dragons on Hove, I have abandoned a beloved artifact! All these are for your sake and the sake of your law!”

“This is true, Osoth,” I said. “And I am grateful.”

“I demand concrete gratitude!” said Osoth.

“What might that be?”

“You now owe me a favor!” said Osoth.

“A favor of a certain limited size and shape,” I admitted.

“I find that my own honor, like that of Charimaan and Evrath, is small and not widely known! Like them, I have no great love of battle, and not even an urning partner to battle at my side — nor any desire for one. I wish to gain honor in the intellectual realms! The next time you have any sort of archaeological or historical research project, of a sort that could bring honor to the participants, I demand to be a part of it. Indeed, I wish to be as chief a participant as my skills and powers allow!”

“Well, you are quite good at archaeology and history, especially if it involves dead people,” I said, which was quite true. “I shall keep my ears fanned for such a project, and I shall reserve a mighty place in it for you. You are a dragon of great and unusual depths, my friend, and you deserve to become known for it.

Very sensible-sounding at the time, like most terrible ideas.

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