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Hired Help [11 Hispis 4261]

Conversation in the Enchantment laboratory, at a break in the labors.

Rhedwy:"Sythyry, Esory! How does one hire a prostitute in Vheshrame?"

Me:"I haven't any idea. Why do you think I might?"

Rhedwy:"Rrarhu, either you know or you should know."

Me:"Well, I don't know. Assuming, arguendo, that you are not simply being determinedly and peculiarly rude, what are you talking about?"

Rhedwy:[Smirking]"You are the one who dates Seeks-Spirals Strenata -- is this not true?"

Me:"I hardly would say I am the only one who could be called that. But I do see her several times a week; you know this."

Rhedwy:"And she does not grant you more than a kiss, or three kisses, or I suppose a shoulder to ride on. She does not grant more now, she does not grant more later."

I mused on the dangers of being visibly angry at a large and adventurerly Sleeth. I considered that Strenata and Rhedwy are friends, and that Strenata might well reveal important intimate things to Rhedwy that, well, she might not to me. I wondered if this was a subtle way of Strenata disposing of me, at least romantically. I mused more on the dangers of being visibly angry at a large and adventurerly Sleeth.

Me:"Why are you telling me this?"

Rhedwy:[blinking]"You ask me to tell you this story!"

Me:"I do? I mean, I did?"

Rhedwy:"A moment ago you are asking me for how I think you should know!"

Me:"She didn't ask you to tell me that we are never to be romantically involved more deeply than we are now?"

Rhedwy:"She is not a fool! She does not ask a Sleeth to be a romantic interlocutor! Also she is not a noble and not a Sleeth. This means she is allowed to be a virgin!"

I did not announce my virginity to even the small class. It did not seem appropriate, somehow.

Rhedwy:"So this is why you need a prostitute."

Esory:[Laughing.]"Why do you need a prostitute, Rhedwy?"

Rhedwy:"A gift for an old adventuring companion!"

Esory:"Not my usual sort of gift! I imagine you could find one by the skyport or the docks."

Rhedwy:"It is probably his last birthday. I wish to get him a better present than that!"

Esory:"Well, there are a few courtiers who are probably rentable ... Sir Eddarna, I should think, or Lady Ousparine. Actually most courtiers are probably rentable, but those two have the reputation for it."

Rhedwy:[purring]"Very thanks!"

Esory:"Oh, a pleasure to be helpful."

(And, a bit later.)

Me:"Thanks for rescuing me, Esory."

Esory:"Oh, a pleasure to be helpful! I rarely have the opportunity to snatch a Sleeth's victims from her claws!"

Me:"Only a bit scratched and toyed-with, yet."

Esory looked rather as if she wanted to say more, but the time to return to work had come.

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