Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

The End of the Mating Flight 240/240

Typical Guest

Guest:"Are you serious?"

Me:"About what?" (as if I didn't know.)

Guest:"Some or all of the obvious: Arilash not marrying! Two drakes marrying each other! A drake picking a dragoness!"

Me:"Yes, of course we are."

Guest: Any of a variety of prophecies of social and moral decay! Or, depending on the mood of the guest: Admiration and wishes that the guest him-or-her-self had chosen to breathe in the face of convention.

Me:"We shall see. Fortunately, Hove is far from the other dragon-worlds, so any doom shall probably be confined there." Or, "Thank you! So few other dragons agree with you."

Various Bachelors

The bachelors who had these conversations weren't talking to us of course. They were talking to Arilash by ones, or Kuro by twos, outside the main festival area.

Bachelor(s):"Please summarize the immigration policy of the rulers of Hove to me or us!"

Arilash or Kuro:"Up to Ythac and Jyothky. I imagine they would accept a few more dragons."

Bachelor(s):"I or we are interested! Mhel's attractions are somewhat limited. And, if you are Kuro and if I are we, we might have more in common with Ythac and Llredh than we are willing to admit even indirectly, despite having just done so."

Arilash or Kuro:"I shall bring it to the attention of the king and queen."

Bachelor(s):"I or we are grateful!"

We can probably fill Hove with as many drakes married to drakes as we want. Not that it's a terribly common thing for two drakes to wish to marry, or live as if married, but I imagine most who do, will come to us. The question of how many married drakes we want remains to be discussed. Is it worse if we have a grand of them than if we have two? Not sure.

Nrararn's Parents; My Parents

Some Parents:"Congratulations, our son or daughter! You have exceeded or even matched our highest expectations!"

Nrararn or Me:"Thank you!"

Parents:"We love you! Both of you!"

Nrararn and I:"We love you as well!"

So at least a few people got their lines right.


As mating flights go, that was an utter disaster. We got distracted. We got attacked. We got killed. We resigned in droves. We got more distracted. We committed a variety of injustices. We got even more distracted by cleaning up our injustices. We didn't do very much right. And most of us didn't even get mated in any reasonable sense.

I suppose it wasn't too bad as the founding of a new dragon-world though.

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