Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Explosive Eggplant

[The "eggplant" in question isn't quite the Earth vegetable, but is close to the original eggplant. -bb]

Eggplant is an unexceptional vegetable. It is a sort of squash or soft gourd, the shape and size of an egg (hence the name). The skin is as thick as an orange's, and when the eggplant is roasted, it caramelizes nicely, rather like an onion. The flesh inside is bland and crunchy. After the eggplant is roasted, the flesh inside is bland and creamy.

The eggplant plant is a tall stiff bush, which sprouts eggplants quite energetically in spring and summer and first autumn. Eggplant plants have beautiful small dark-green leaves, and little blue-green flowers. This means that they make very nice hedges.

The Buttery has a garden in back, which is mainly used as an herb garden (or a relaxation for the Herethroy sous-chefs). It is not a very pretty garden, being more a practical sort of garden than an aesthetic one. So of course it must be hidden from the rest of the campus. (I have seen it, but the majority of students, who prefer the ground to the air, probably haven't, and probably don't care.) So the Buttery garden is surrounded by hedge-walls of eggplant plants -- a compromise between the aesthetic needs of the outside and the practical needs of the inside.

This means that the Buttery serves lots and lots of eggplant, starting about now.

Several of my friends, lead by esory, have taken exception to this. Whenever they walk by the Buttery garden, they pick an eggplant or two, and hurl them into the Buttery kitchen window.

Recall, if you will, that the Buttery is run by three berserk Orren chefs.

Today at lunch there were stuffed eggplants for lunch in the Buttery. Eight choices, all of them stuffed eggplants. All of them alarming -- e.g., the eggplant stuffed with a Yistreian-style grilled mouse, with lots of arhoolie.

I think I shall avoid the Buttery for a week or two.

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