Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

The Consequences (Mating Flight 235/240)

The Consequences

Ythac snarled, “I shall kill him!”

“Not any time soon. He’s more than twice your size, and probably more dangerous than all the dragons on Hove put together,” I said. “And clever, too.”

Nrararn twisted his mane until the lightning wreathed his claws. “Ythac? Jyothky? No offense intended, but perhaps we could take him up on it?”

“Not. Before. The. Wedding,” said Ythac. “I am marrying Llredh. I am not going to be unfaithful to him now of all days.”

“And one act of congress probably won’t help much. We’d need, oh, dozens. We don’t have that much time now,” I added.

Llredh snorted sparks of fire. “The extensive course of adultery, you are preparing for her already!”

Nrararn breathed sparks of lightning at him. “We’ve been planning on that anyhow. Jyothky has about nine-twelfths of a mating flight to make up for. Csirnis and I have done adequately by her, and Osoth somewhat. You, Llredh, are unconscionably far behind, and Ythac is just a touch worse.”

“Tultamaan, let us not forget him! Behind me at least he must be.” Llredh looked worried. ”… is he?”

“I never got to twine Tultamaan, no,” I said.

“You got never to twine Tultamaan, you mean,” said Ythac.

“Fitting and proper is this!”, roared Llredh.

«I will admit I’m less unhappy about Ythac helping with children than most of the other choices,» wrote my one true fiancé. «I don’t think he’ll enjoy it much, and I certainly don’t need to worry about him trying to drag you away from me. He’s got a mate and a half already, and both of them more to his taste.»

«I won’t enjoy it either. It’ll be an optimistic twine, but not a particularly joyful one. I imagine we’ll be chatting with our heads, and trying to pretend that our hindquarters aren’t doing anything worth speaking of at all,» I wrote back. «You can still get the occasional vacation with Arilash. Someone in the set might as well enjoy mating.»

«I enjoy mating with you!» he scribbled back in a hurry. That’s good. I think he’s learning how to be a spouse already.

I certainly hope I am, too.

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