Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Chamber Concert

Esory and Tethezai and Dustweed and I were invited to a chamber concert at the ducal palace.  By "chamber concert" I simply mean "a concert held in the second-largest hall, viz. the Plentiful Wooden Butterfly Room.  By "invited" I mean that we each got separate invitations, phrased suitably for our ranks; but ones that could not be refused at all reasonably.  There was a slight hint that Esory and I were a couple (which, if true, I have been remarkably ignorant of ... but the hermaphrodite is always the last to know).   There was a distinct lack of a hint that Tethezai and Dustweed were a couple (but by reason of privacy requests for the bedroom I understand that they still are, with enthusiasm.  and stamina.  Too much stamina, at least for that hour of the night.  Fortunately I can sleep on the stove.)

The concert was rather bland.  Perhaps Orren music has done something insidious to my ears, much as Yistreian cooking is said to do something insidious to the tongue, rendering less intense music or spicing tedious and insipid. Since the duke was playing the second harp, and the visiting duke was playing the theorbo, one did not particularly want to say more than "well done!" and "sprightlily played!" and go on to comment on the precision and finesse of the concert.  Not 'til we were back home in any case, at which point Dustweed (of all people) explained how mediocre it was compared to your basic Herethroy village folk music. 

I hope that the court composer, whoever or whatever that may be, is not snooping about our home.a

We were mainly invited on the grounds that we were "a few students at Vheshrame Academy".  After the concert, we met the visiting duke, and his daughter the Crown Princess Mirzliet.  Cani of course.  Mirzliet is considering attending Vheshrame Academy next year, and wanted to meet some students, so she created a friendly minor state visit to here and acquired some. 

Of course, it was discovered soon enough that there had been no intent to invite Dustweed -- some courtier or other had decided to invite zir, at the last minute, not aware of what zie is, thinking (correctly) that zie went with Tethezai.  Mirzliet was not delighted to see what company she might be keeping among the noble students.

On the whole I would rather not have her here.  One Crown Prince is a quite generous supply of them.

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