Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Too Honorable (Mating Flight 219/240)

Arilash, yesterday

Arilash rubbed her face with her forepaws. “I’m confused now. Are you upset because the drakes are trying to choose, or do you actually want to marry Csirnis instead of Nrararn? Or even Osoth instead of Nrararn?”

Which was a very good question. “I can’t imagine being Csirnis’s wife. Can you?”

She laughed. “I tried imagining it a lot! I had to!”

“Didn’t work, did it?”

Arilash giggled. “Not a bit. The first thing I’d imagine is how I’d possibly twine someone else, maybe a month later, maybe two. What thought was clawing you?”

“Not that one! He’s always so superior and perfect. He’s the best at everything, or maybe a close second and more elegant than the best. He doesn’t actually say it very often, but he definitely knows it. And acts like it goes without saying, and is the most natural thing in any universe.”

“He is that good. How should he act? If he were a traditional drake, he’d be boasting about it constantly. That would be worse, wouldn’t it?” asked Arilash.

“Yes … he’s the best about being the best … but I still don’t want to feel so insignificant whenever I look at my husband,” I said.

“You won’t with Nrararn. He’s good at what he’s good at, but that’s only some things. Is he good enough to be a husband for you? Especially if you’re going to try to keep ruling Hove?”

“I will definitely need allies.”

Chevethna, three days ago

“Well, did you at least have lots of sex with him?” asked Chevethna.

”‘til we could want no more!” I boasted. It’s literally true.

Arilash, one day ago

After she asked for permission to say something delicate, Arilash said, “You know, you could cut down on your need for getting drakes to help fertilize you after you’re married by using them more beforehand.”

“I had a sort of farewell coupling with Csirnis,” I said. “I didn’t really want any more. I’m rather insulted. And he doesn’t like twining me very much, not after he’s used to you.”

“A pity. He is crazy, but his offspring would be excellent. You could probably blackmail him. Tug on his famous sense of honor that he’s got to service you a lot, and before the actual marriage.”

”‘Service’, like I was a sheep. You pick the most romantic words, Arilash.”

“That’s how you’re treating it. And how eager you sound for it.”

I puffed frost at her. “Hardly. The sheep is much more eager.”

“I suppose I shouldn’t try to talk you into borrowing some of my drakes to help you now? I’ve enough to spare.”

I drooped. “I think I’ll wait until we actually want dragonets. I can hardly do that after chasing you out of the mating flight for doing that.”

Somebody is too honorable to be counted as sane.”

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