Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Acting Married (Mating Flight 218/240)

Acting Married (Day 1337)

Chevethna, three days ago

Chevethna is furious on my behalf. “Drakes mustn’t be allowed to choose dragonesses! Where would we be then?” The answer, according to Arthane, seemed to be “Hove, just like we are now.”

Arilash, yesterday

Arilash (yesterday) is more amused. “I was wondering when they’d figure out that they could do that.”

“With three females and six males, they probably can’t do it. The high-ranked ones are so proud. They’d just end up having dominance contests, and we’d be back to the usual way,” I agreed. “When it’s three of them for a not-very-desirable female, it’s easier.”

Chevethna, three days ago

Chevethna (three days ago) recommended that I punish the drakes somehow.

“Any suggestions on how?” I asked.

“Bite them? Breathe on them? Deny them your favors?” said Arthane.

“They’re mostly bigger than me, they’re mostly living far away from me, and my favors aren’t worth much anyways,” I pointed out. So I didn’t.

Arilash, yesterday

Arilash (yesterday) recommended that I think carefully about whether I actually wanted to get married to anyone.

“I don’t want to be a bachelorette like you,” I said. “The less I have to go chasing drakes, the better.”

“That word is ‘slut’, not ‘bachelorette’,” said Arilash. “If we’re bothering to be honest about ourselves. But you could be a different kind. The virgin queen! All would look upon you and despair.”

“With suitable flagellation with my hukuchô,” I said. “And I’m not a virgin. I’ve even beaten you in a sex contest.”

“You did! I still don’t quite understand how you managed it. Anyways, bachelor dragonesses don’t have to go chasing after drakes. Mostly not, anyhow. I had to work a bit to get Vuuthon, but the rest were easy.”

“You’re less, well, lonely nowadays?” I asked.

“Much less. Ressal, Kuro, and Nlirei have almost a regular schedule with me. Boruu and Psilia visit often. Gwixion and Llredh show up now and then, and Vuuthon occasionally. I haven’t tried any hovens yet,” she said.

“Isn’t Gwixion married?” I knew he was, to the elegant and crippled Ignissa.

Arilash shrugged. “Ignissa doesn’t mind. She’s like Ythac that way. She’s not the only married dragon with that opinion.”

“I wish I had a dozenth part of Ignissa’s grace. When I get married — or not — will you add Csirnis and Osoth to your list?”

Arilash laughed. “You’ve made up your mind to take pretty sparky Nrararn? But yes, I will, if Csirnis wants to. I’m not sure about him. Osoth has visited almost as often as you have, and been almost as flirtatious.”

“I haven’t quite decided, but I suppose I’ll take Nrararn. Have I been flirtatious at you?” I fretted.

Arilash laughed. “Not a bit, and neither has Osoth. He wanted to though; I could smell his lust a dozen miles off. And I wouldn’t ruin your mating flight any more than I already have.”

Ythac can do this, and Ignissa can, so I suppose I can too. “Arilash? Want to borrow Nrararn too sometimes? He deserves some actual pleasure once in a while, and I can’t help much with that. And I trust you to give him back.”

Arilash thought a moment, curling her tailtip around her claws. “After you’ve been married three years, or six, I think might be wise. You two should get settled together first. After that, I should be glad to visit the two of you in your domain. I expect you’ll want to crunch my wings the first time or two.”

“I’m used to sharing drakes with you,” I pointed out.

“So was Ythac, and he did that too.”

Chevethna, three days ago

Chevethna offered me another spicy grilled octopus that her hired hovens had made. “You poor thing. To think they’re trying to make you marry Nrararn instead of Csirnis! Why, Nrararn can’t be three-quarters of Csirnis’ size, and he’s much less impressive.”

“You think so? Csirnis doesn’t seem like a very good husband. He’s crazy.”

Chevethna flipped her wings back. “Crazy? I must admit I had not noticed! I had not studied him carefully. There is just one drake whom I inspect in any sort of detail anymore.” She grinned at her mate. “Beside Arthane, even your golden prince is insipid and inferior.”

“Which is why Csirnis always wins when they have dominance contests,” I pointed out. They’ve had two, both quite friendly. “No, he’s honorable to a fault, and it is a fault, for him. He quit being crown prince of Chiriact over a point of honor. He might just as well quit being my mate and the father of our dragonets over a point of honor too.”

Arthane nuzzled Chevethna, and said, “I never asked the full story there.” So I told them, and they tut-tutted.

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