Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Charger, Charging [2 Hispis 4261]

Crown Prince Nestrune Kreslink has once again demonstrated his wealth, rank, power, and charisma. His charger -- whom I believe to be named "Gargotha" or something like that -- is beautiful and spirited and pedigreed, rather like Nestrune himself. Gilgothra has had extensive training in deportment and dressage, also like Nestrune himself. Galgurtha has not been graced with the natural or the trained talent in worrying about the consequences of his actions. In all honesty, Nestrune has been trained that way about his bigger or more official deeds; but not in his personal life.

Nestrune was not paying Goolgoothra too much attention; his attention was divided between Seeks-Trapped-Phantoms Strenata on his left and Milirant Tavath on his right. (Pro-Baron Milirant is the son and heir of some town or other in some city-state near here. He does not attend the Academy. I barely know him. He dresses very well, and he fills his clothes very well, and he admires Nestrune very well. He has no other qualifications I am aware of.) The three primes and their three chargers were strolling down the Avenue of Scraggly Topiary, and, I imagine jealously, all three primes were competing to admire Nestrune most thoroughly.

Gergatha was not admiring his rider. Gyrgytha was, by that time, glaring at a mendicant Orren priest of Flokin, who had built a bonfire supported by a thread tied to a branch of a distinctly straggly topiary of a dancing Gormoror and was conjuring blazing birds and fishes out of it to amuse some children.

And when Milirant blew Nestrune a kiss and Nestrune leaned towards him to catch it, Gorthorga got annoyed at the flapping of some long feathery firey wings. He reared and kicked, and ... missed bird and priest and children. Clumsy untrained show-beast!

He did, however, rip Strenata's side rather a lot.

Continuing the theme of admiring the Crown Prince, Strenata said, "Excuse me, Gorgontha. While you may legitimately infer that I wish to show Nestrune my private parts, I would hope not to show them all. In particular I would prefer to keep my intestines to myself -- meaning no insult to the Crown Prince of course." And only after that bit of smarminess did she try to heal herself.

She got a kiss and a swift ride to the Healer's Guild for it, though. All about, children were screaming, onlookers were onlooking in onhorror, the fire priest was trying to paralyse Girthirgna, Nestrune was trying to calm Gerthergna, and of course Milirant was valiantly admiring Nestrune without a break.

The aftermath:

  • A titled lieutenant of the city guard paid a short and very respectful call to Nestrune. She recommended that he stable Gulgothorga outside the city and get him trained better. Nestrune breezily dismissed the incident as a mere freak event, and that was the end of that.
  • Strenata was duly and fully healed. Nestrune paid the Guild to heal her clothes even, which is not something they will often do. One must generally engage a tailor for such labors.
  • Strenata will not consider stopping riding with Nestrune over such a minor matter as a revealed intestine. She simply refuses to use the horse's correct name. I am of course assisting in this revenge.
  • (Other witnesses give Strenata a more active role in turning Gulborgo aside when he leapt at a group of children, to the extent of more or less ramming Gelbelgo with Shadowfrog aside. She's a hero!)
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