Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

OOC: The Silence of Lir (occasional free e-book review)

"The Silence of Lir" by Mrs. Mary E Twomey was surprisingly engaging, considering that it had many of the hallmarks of christian apocalyptic crap. But: its christian roots are clear enough; it is distinctly apocalyptic; it is not crap. The story itself is off in its own quite heterodox mythology. The Sun-spirit and the Moon-spirit are god-equivalents. Each one has a set of four angel-equivalents who correspond to the classical elements. Originally the Sun and the Moon were married, but the Moon broke up with the Sun to go live with the North Star. The Sun is working towards a reconciliation. The Moon is shut up alone in his rooms, moping, not seeing anyone but the North Star. The North Star is a bullying bitch. The split between the two sides is coming to a prophecied apocalypse or something.

We spend most of the time with the eight angelish people and their few cohorts. (We are a bit confused why they seem so very much like 21st century people.) They're a surprisingly complex lot; there's even a Romeo-and-Juliet-ish love story between the two sides. It's very much *not* a Good-vs-Evil thing; everyone but the North Star is approximately good or so.

Downside: the writing is somewhat awkward and the plot more motivated by coincidences and/or prophecies than I prefer. The characters don't make sense as the cosmic beings they are. The angel-equivalents have daily tasks about saving humans from hurricanes and stuff, which are utterly unpersuasive and don't make much sense in context. (Like, why do so many humans die of natural disasters if there are angels working to save them? Why do humans count for anything in the cosmic scheme of the book? Unclear.)

This is book 1 of four, so there's plenty of time for stuff to get explained and resolved.

Three stars out of five (but one of them is adulterous and rebellious).
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