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Midnight at the Pillar of Incangiophor [1 Hispis 4261]

For the first half of the night I lurked on the top of the Pillar of Incangiophor, in Ghaln-Yastrou Park. The Pillar is topped with an assortment of fanciful beasts and symbolic representations of various civic virtues. (As an aside, does anyone know why "Respect of the Authorities" is represented as a lion with a pigeon's head, or why "Cleanliness When in Public Places" is a lemon tree?)

But I was not there for purposes of dissecting or surveying civic virtues. I was seeking a feather of a pigeon (sans leonine body) from a place of rendezvous for a Corpador enchantment. This will immediately tell everyone with the slightest hint of formal enchantment what I was up to, viz. performing Dilitlinilla's Feathered Corrective for fixing a slightly-lopsided start of a smallish enchantment.

(Oh, you could use it on a bigger one, but that only if you know where to find an eagle from a place of rendezvous (15) or, say, a jaran-jabow (20) or some still larger bird for higher Complexity.)

And, since Ghaln-Yastrou Park is a place of rendezvous, I counted rendezvous while I was waiting for my pigeon. This was not a prurient inquiry! I needed to make sure that enough rendezvous actually happen there to make the pigeon be appropriate! In all honesty, most of the couples and triples who come there do not rendezvous there; they walk in, hand in hand or hand in hand in hand, on one of the park's paths.

Cani Herethroy Orren Rassimel Mixed
Rendezvous 1 (m,f) 2 (m,f,c) and (f,c) 0 1 (m, m) 1 (Orren m, Cani f)
Already Together 8 2 1 4 2

Not all of these rendezvous were affectionate in any direct way. The Cani played diamond chess. The Orren and Cani had a brief and unfriendly pass at spells, a minor sorcerer's duel, leaving the Cani's fur quite scorched and the Orren with what must have been quite a terrible itch.

After the fifth rendezvous -- the chess game -- I decided that it was enough of a place of rendezvous to qualify in the eyes of Kvarse, and I chased a pigeon down with fire breath (cheating of course -- it would take two or three unamplified breaths to kill a pigeon, I should think, and I didn't want to torture the thing), and brought it home for Havune to cook and to use the feathers. Tomorrow morning we will see if it works properly.

(Why was the starting ritual lopsided? I was distracted by Rhedwy's huge fangy face popping over the edge of the table that I was working on, checking to see if it was unoccupied and she could use it. I have not yet learned to be calm at the sudden apparition of half-monsters. Even ones with whom I have shared meals and friends.)

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