Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

OOC: Gender-Based Communication Issues

Translating from Man-Talk to Woman-Talk

♂: What a man says on a first date
⇨♀: How he intends the woman to interpret it.
♂: "I just bought new shoes."
⇨♀: "My feet are sore and blistered."
♂: "I grew up in Cleveland."
⇨♀: "I'm from Ohio."
♂: "I'm allergic to shrimp."
⇨♀: "Please don't suggest that we order the paella Valenciana for two."
♂: "I've never seen any movies by Fellini."
⇨♀: "I don't approve of Jungian-influenced artistic endeavors."
♂: "I have a tabby cat named Emerald."
⇨♀: "I care more deeply about eye colors than hair or skin colors."
♂: "I play cello in an amateur string quartet. We're not very good."
⇨♀: "I dream of someday owning a Stradivarius, but I am not worthy."
♂: "I try not to eat meat except at dinnertime."
⇨♀: "My lunch consists entirely of flax seed, olive oil, and Greek yogurt."
♂: "Ooh, look! There's a wild turkey by the side of the road!"
⇨♀: "Nuclear war would be a terrible thing."
♂: "My favorite season is spring."
⇨♀: "I once blackmailed the Papal nuncio."
♂: "I took two years of French in college — I've forgotten most of it."
⇨♀: "At night I prowl the city as my alter ego, the lightning-powered superhero Zapmeister."
♂: "That reddish star is ... Arcturus? Sirius? Maybe Regulus? I'm just guessing."
⇨♀: "My secret fear is that, if I walk under a rope or clothesline or electric cord, it'll somehow fall off and wrap around my neck and strangle me. A silly fear, but I've had nightmares about it since I was a child."
♂: "It's been a lovely evening!"
⇨♀: "It's been a lovely evening!"

I hope this clears things up for everyone.
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