Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Confident Detection of Mind-Controlling Parasites (Mating Flight 187/240)

“Not to speak of,” said the gendarme, lying. So we interrogated him, and, yes, two wormridden had exploded in violence at that point of the procedure and wound up getting killed by the gendarmes.

“Do it Tarcuna’s way from now on,” ordered Ythac. “I do not permit my subjects to die for your convenience.” Simple enough. He really does have the best interests of Trest at heart.

Then a nurse came to take a blood sample, which was straightforward. The patient was encouraged to provide a urine sample as well, which they uniformly found shameful and miserable. It had to be done that way, though, because when privacy was permitted, the wormridden smuggled in clean urine. The shaving test generally caused struggles as well.

“You need a tight chest-strap as well as arm and leg straps there,” said Tarcuna. “If I were wormridden and knew what you had planned, I’d writhe around when you were shaving. You’d cut my udder, and that would make the scars harder to see.” (And when we interrogated Ailenne later, that is precisely what she had done.)

“That shall be part of your protocol too,” proclaimed Ythac.

Then the suspect was released from the wall — the gendarmes changed the protocol on the spot to keep the suspect restrained at all times, without needing to be ordered to — and taken to a holding cell until the blood and urine samples could be checked. After which, they were unlocked, given their clothes back, and allowed to depart, generally trembling or even crying.

None of the dozen people interrogated while we watched were wormridden. “We get one, maybe two a day tops,” said the gendarmes.

Ythac cast a spell. “Nobody in custody here is wormridden. Release them all. No need to subject them to that torture.” He flattened his ears and smelled quite miserable.

“Torture? That is no torture! Public safety, science, my revenge — all three demand these protocols!”, roared Llredh.

“I agree with the spiky orange and brown guy,” said Tarcuna. “Sure, it’s an awful way to spend an afternoon. But it’s better than spending five minutes wormridden. And when it’s over, it’s over. Being wormridden isn’t over ever unless some dear kind dragon comes along and rescues you, or you get lucky and die.” She was truthful and passionate. “Better that everyone goes through that examination than anyone gets a cyoziworm again.”

Llredh agreed. Ythac gave orders to inspect hovens more broadly, and to convert other buildings to examination centers, and train more examiners. Wulpmegarn was given special orders to improve the protocols still more.

And that’s how you fight an evil insidious mind-controlling parasite.

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