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My first governess was an alarmingly fat Orren woman named Treaclesways (and later Crown-Of-Icicles). She was absolutely decent and proper ... but one evening she smuggled me out of my ~mother~'s tower in a handbasket and brought me to her home, where her husbands and wife were engaged in activities that inspired me considerably for later life.

False, of course, but only a little false.

Treaclesways was her name when she was fat, and Crown-Of-Icicles when she was thin. She got fat mostly in the summer months, with considerable help from fresh berries in treacle. She got thin mostly in cold surprise or winter, with considerable help from swimming under the ice in frozen ponds. She hated going in the water when it was warm out, and adored it when it was cold. Nobody agreed with her.

She wasn't the only non-Herethroy servant we ever had, but she was the one I knew best -- four years? five? when I was fairly young.

She did put me in a handbasket and carry me about. Dzeriaunet left behind a few round bricks -- lumps of fired clay the size and shape of a large dinner roll, really. Treaclesways would put two of them into the fire for a while, then scoop them out with the tongs, line a basket with thick cloth, put the hot bricks in the basket, put me on the bricks, and wrap the blanket so that only my head and tailtip were sticking out. There are a few captured images, which are hideously embarrassing, though most people think they are cute.

I can't remember ever getting taken to her home. And if ~mother~ thought that she was showing off her family's body-play to me, ~mother~ would not have been at all pleasant to her.

Treaclesways decided one day to leave ~mother~'s service, and her husbands and wife, and go become a maker of artistic candles in a little village on the Greystark, and that is the last I know about her.

(OOC, because someone asked: I did, indeed, decide which was true before posting the list. I would not cheat on you and decide after I saw the votes!)

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