Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

All the Dragons (Mating Flight 167/240)

Prelude to The Battle for Hove

I have to write down all the new dragons, or I’m going to get confused. Actually I already got confused, so I made Chevethna help me with it.

Dragon Sex Description Notes
Chevethna female, married to Arthane 18’, black scales, but she’s wearing brilliant glowing blue spikes, and looks like more of a lesbian slut than Arilash or Tarcuna, which really disturbs me. (She said, quite indignantly, that she’s nothing of the sort, she just likes to match Arthane. And she does, indeed, match Arthane in her spikes. And her tailtip is usually curled up with Arthane’s. So I suppose I believe her. It’s a shame that my bad company, viz. mating flight, has made me even think of such things.) A friend of most of us, from Mhel.
Arthane male, married to Chevethna 26’, blue and crimson and scarlet with glowing blue spikes all over. Also from Mhel; more Greshthanu’s friend than mine though. I had met him a few times, but not that often.
Hyxy female, married to Ngassith 14’ (my size) and reddish-brown. From Hasqueth. I do not know her at all.
Ngassith male, married to Hyxy 21’, red and green, with red-orange-yellow frills on his head and green-blue-purple spikes on his wings and tail. Somewhere between pretty and gaudy. From Hasqueth. I do not know him at all.
Mshai female, married to Irssaan 18’, grey and brown. From Mhel, though I didn’t know her well there.
Irssaan male, married to Mshai 23’, brick-red in front, shading to gold by the tail. His wings burn with a golden inner light, by some spell. From Mhel, but I don’t think I’d met him there. A friend of Nrararn maybe. I think his wing-light is related to Nrararn’s lightning-braiding.
Ignissa female, married to Gwixion 18’, dull black like me. Unlike me — and I might start imitating her — she looks very sharp without looking any less feminine. She gives herself thin gleaming white stripes, just one or two, all along her body. From Mhel, and a friend of sorts, though a bit older than me. Her forewings don’t work, like Tultamaan’s forelegs, so she’s very slow in the air when she’s in the air at all, which isn’t much. She never seems very healthy at all really. Oh, and her parents gave her that very classic fire name, so of course she breathes lightning.
Gwixion male, married to Ignissa 23’, green above, aquamarine scutes on his belly, an emerald stinger in his tail that actually works, and pointy little curved yellow horns. From Hasqueth. I do not know him.
Psilia female, married to Boruu 20’ and tan. Big in part ‘cause she’s rather older than the rest of us. From Chiaract. She and Boruu left there under some sort of cloud, lived on Mhel for a few years, and now have moved to Hove.
Boruu male, married to Psilia 18’, coppery-shiny mostly, coppery-patina green around horns and wings. From Chiaract; see Psilia.
Vuuthon male, bachelor 16’, purple with black highlights, but usually wears girlish dull colors. From Mhel. He doesn’t like other dragons very much (including me), and he’s a bit vicious.
Ressal male, bachelor 19’, gaudy red and blue stripes From Mhel. One of Arilash’s lovers, and she tells the most embarrassing stories about him, too.
Kuro male, bachelor 18’, blue and green bands with thin orange lines between them. From Mhel — from Fohhona. Older than me by some duodecades, and completely outside my social circles. Not in a good way, from what I hear.
Nlirei male, bachelor 18’, green and purple with lots and lots of frills. From Hasqueth. No further information.

And the fifteenth of them was Tultamaan, about whom you and I both know far too much.

But that’s from the end of the day, when we were being social. Let’s start in Ghemel.

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