Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Red Chitin Knights [1 Hispis 4261]

I was debating joining the Red Chitin knightly order. Yes, they're mostly Herethroy, but there isn't a knightly order that's mostly Zi Ri. I decided to go to Vheshrame Academy after understanding that the Red Chitin knightly vows are perpetual, instead of eighty-one years as I had thought.

This is the true one, or close enough. I admit to embarrassment about it.

This was several years ago. I had been reading a great many adventuring stories, tales of heroism and bravery, songs of battle and conquest. A fair number were historical. A few were family, even -- I didn't think I could ever equal Glikkonen, but Verehinga's power in the old days came largely from some quite respectable magic items, and zie doesn't use them any more and hasn't for, oh, three thousand years or so. And, well, as Verehinga is my grandparent, I thought I might be able to borrow those magic items.

But I was moderately sane, or moderately cowardly. Going tromping around on my own seemed like a bad idea. I applied to the nearest-in-thought knightly order, Red Chitin -- perhaps because one of the defenders of my ~mother~'s tower, at the time, was a young Red Chitin. (Yes, her chitin was dyed red.)

They thanked me kindly, but wrote a long letter discouraging me. The detail about term of service was the first one on the list, and I did find it rather discouraging.

When ~mother~ found out, zie explained to me that the Red Chitin knights were basically a gang of degenerates. Highly-trained degenerates who could fight pretty well, to be sure, but most of them were duellists-for-hire, or warriors for wars between cities, rather than good adventurers or guardians.

This started a bit of a quarrel. "Why do you hire Sir Dreeje, then, if she's a duelling degenerate?" Zir answers were vague and confusing. I prefer, now, not to speculate on them.

In any case, I decided not to ask Verehinga for zir famous devices, and to take a much more sensible route after that.

(OOC, because someone asked: I did, indeed, decide which was true before posting the list. I would not cheat on you and decide after I saw the votes!)

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